Dec 14th, 2021 - 20 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      VidMate v4.5030 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Android OS 4.0 or Latest

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:


    Vidmate App is a strong application for the Android system used to download any video from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It is one of the overrated and used apps all around the world widely. It is categorized as a free tools application type. Generally, the app is designed as an APK file type. Persons who have a personal computer or tablet can also use this app. The app is one of the most famous apps for its crystal clear, and higher resolution supported criteria. Vidmate APK has enhanced the promotion of social media differently. However, it is good to know that it has been relinquishing consumers’ demand smartly and efficiently. Download Similar App Free YouTube Download

    Anyone can download the official authority’s Vidmate APK applications from the site with no condition. For downloading the apps on the computer, it is fully free of cost. With the high accessibility of Vidmate installing, there are billions of users now. A user of the Android version of 2.2 or above can install the application. The app has gained a lot of popularity among users for its simplicity as well as authentic feature. One good thing is it won’t create any mobile traffic and continuous modernization. Moreover, the app does not contain any concealed features. The interface of the user is so smooth and so easy, undoubtedly. Users can install Vidmate without worrying about safety. Vidmate also offers the user to explore in memes area and enjoy it. Whatsapp for PC


    VidMate Old Version:

    Vidmate Old version is available now in the market and the website, which is recognized as 4.1523 APK. It can be installed from any smartphone. The application will assist the user on account of downloading video most easily. Moreover, consumers will be capable of downloading audio or MP3 songs from the app. It needs a drive on the phone where the videos or audios will be allocated.

    Vidmate Latest Version:

    Vidmate Latest Version is also available in the market, and the website is recognized as 4. 4903 APK. The version is also known as an HD video downloader. From this name, the user can confirm that he or she can have access to enjoy the HD quality of any videos. Moreover, a live TV show can be seen through this application. Therefore, Vidmate has gained the reputation of telecasted channel judging its characteristics. The user number of this version is 10,000+ now. Asian countries mostly used this app often instead of Spotify. The newest thing of this version is the consumer can download movies at high speed, which is cost-free.

    Special Feature:

    1. Users can download unlimited movies from this app.
    2. Users can download high-quality songs from this app.
    3. Users can download HD videos from this app.
    4. Users can get the opportunity to have different kinds of advanced technology for downloading.
    5. Users can enjoy seeing popular TV shows on TV channels at any time through this app.
    6. Users can download any show on a TV channel with the help of this app.

    Vidmate Pro latest Version Free Download:

    Vidmate Pro version is available in the market, and the website is recognized as 4. 2104 APK for Android usage. The version is known as the modified version of Vidamte. This version offers users to get nine apps every week at a cost-free rate. Mainly, this app is full of entertainment. The version needs only app 8.79 MB. Around 500 million people have updated this version. It has been reviewed as a high-rated version scaling 4.7 out of 5. Nemo studio developer has launched this version especially. Android 4.0 or higher version can use this version of the application.

    Special Feature:

    1. From this app, one can search for any content through this app.
    2. The version is fully resistant to drainage of the battery of the user phone. For this, the app can not drain the battery rather optimize it.
    3. Anyone can save any video from his expected address.
    4. Users can get the notification that is downloaded through this app.
    5. The properties of downloaded video are up to 720P HD.
    6. It has the advantage of exhibiting the least ads on the app. The advertisements showing time is when one launched the app and the time of exiting.
    7. Users can select the video quality or properties.
    8. One can use any video downloaded from Vidmate on TikTok.
    9. It is an amazing app for social media status savers.

    Vidmate Pro Free Latest Version Download for Android:

    The version of the app needs such a small space in the phone. It contains 4. 4840 APK. The version is updated in May 2021. The version of the app size is only 19 MB. The user must have an Android 2.2 or higher version on his phone. It can capture the Instagram story as well. Using this version, one can save status and stories which has already been removed from the profile after 24 hours.


    How to download the apk files and install them:

    First of all, a user has to search Vidmate apk old or new version on here ( or google. Second of all, then click on the download option. Third of all, a notification will have arrived that is to install the app with some conditions. Last of all, by clicking it, the app will launch.

    Some users feel troubled while installing the app. The fact is the Play store rejects the process of installation. That time user has to click the button install anyway. Vidmate is aimed at spreading entertainment worldwide to secure and replenish the taste of a fun factory all at once.

    There is no issue of virus attacking or malware in this app. It has knocked out the competition among the web market with its competitors as well as renovating warriors. This app’s advanced capabilities and modernized weight status is the cause for the increment of millions of users.

    At leisure, people can enjoy their quality time with this app for absolute and world-class service. It has broadened the service by updating its version from time to time. Coping up with a new era, Vidmate has been getting the opportunity of appreciation from consumers.