About us

  • Purpose

Our domain name is filefamous.com and our intention is to deliver you with the easiest process of downloading the newest versions of the best software & games (Windows & macOS) which are freeware, trialware, and shareware- with no usual redundant popups or spyware and also with no low-quality software. At the time of writing reviews of any software, we give clear credit to the developers all the time. Moreover, we are here for you to deliver Android & iOS free apps, the latest technology news & reviews, and reviews of Digital products.

  • Features

Only the top software, quality matters not quantity to us.

Very quick servers along with 1.00 GBps connections, to give you as quick downloading process as possible.

We keep the software’s old versions so that if you update and don’t like the version, you can go for the old one all the time.

Every software is 100% secure as well as virus-free.

Filtering feature for letting you show only Freeware and/or Non-beta programs.

Complete support to resume downloads & download managers.

Change log & technological details for downloads.

RSS feeds for every update, category as well as individual programs.

New European & US download servers (Specially Used- Content Delivery Network).

Optimized pages for browsing quicker.

  • Software Submissions

We do not take program submissions from developers. The website is user-focused, we study the software market day-to-day to be familiar with popular software and add them to our software list.