DMCA Notice of FileFamous

FileFamous Company is abided by the law of the [Digital Millennium Copyright] Act DMCA. If anyone has a disquiet regarding the operation of copyrighted source on any webpage or website accommodating FileFamous Company recording content, the person is requested to contact the agent delegated to counter to inform claiming copyright infringement.

Designated Agent:

The designated agent for FileFamous Company to obtain a warning of declared infringement under title two which is exposed on DMCA is:

Saif Jabed

Co-Founder (CEO)

FileFamous Company


The DMCA sets out that all type of infringement declaration must be in writing from (Electronic Mail or hard copy of paper) and must carry the issues given below:

  1. There must be provided an electronic signature or a physical signature of the copyright holder. Any individual Person who is authorized to take action from his or her side?
  2. There must be provided an elucidation or explanation of the copyrighted file which is declared as violated.
  3. There must be a way to recognize from where the infringing copyrighted file is tracked down in the webpage.
  4. There must be provided the contact documents like the person’s name, his or her address, phone number, and email address.
  5. There must be provided the affirmation that DMCA has superior belief for doing and using the infringing production is not legal by the Copyright Owner or his alleged agent.
  6. There must be provided the affirmation of penalty of perjury. The fact is the details on the notice are totally and fully hundred percent correct and lawful.

The owner of the copyright or any nominated agent who is accused of the fact or who has created the perversion may be responsible on account of vandalizing. As a result of taking out or congesting professed copyright documents, they would be disdained as elicited.