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Terms of service for FileFamous.Com

Welcome to the network of reciprocal services furnished by FileFamous Company. The operation of any page on the of FileFamous.com implicit the total affirmation of these terms of use given below:

FileFamous Company is directed by FileFamous technologies.

There should be specific conditions of use that egress from FileFamous Company for special content, production provided by it.

The viewers of this website must follow the terms and policy of our page as well as the time before using services. Besides, they must take on these Agreements and accord to be lawfully abided by it. The Agreement is so simple, authentic, supportable, and reasonable as well as considerable which creates a friendly environment for the viewers and users also. If anyone is not interested and supports all of these agreements, he or she is requested not to visit our website. The requirements of visiting our website are so much legit as a webpage company. Every term, policy, and agreement is vital for our company. If the violation of the law named DCMA will notice, the culprit will be taken to action by law.

  1. Terms of Use:

Through accessing and making use of this site, the users are bound to be accorded which has been set already. All documents, source, file, products recommended by this site is or on the internet are truly suggested by any kind of third persons who are not associated with FileFamous.com.

Though this site has strong restrictions inspecting different kinds of software, technologies which are now available to download as well as to use.

The users would be responsible for any type of harm using software which is shown on our website. After downloading a file or document or software, no one cannot blame our website due to a virus attack or system crash. Our website is fully free of attacking viruses. Our site delivers all kinds of information related to software. But FileFamous.com does not expose or give a warranty of any software which has shown on the website. The fact is impossible.

Sofmany.com will not be accused or responsible for rendering services of any kind of product which needs cost or any transaction either directly or indirectly.

To condone the correctness or superiority or authenticity of our services, FileFamous.com will not be judged or warranted as a defective site.

FileFamous Company does not advertise any other website which may access through our website by viewers or users. When someone gets the entrance of any website which is not owned by this company, viewers or users must be able to realize the independence of each company as well as the website.


  • The entrance of our website is cost-free and no payment is required to deal with it.
  • There is no need to pay any taxes for using our website.
  • The cost of software can be changed at any time which has content on our website. For the increment of the price, our site is not liable for this situation after all. Moreover, in the event of price changes like decrement or increment of any software, we would share content about that.
  • We can sanction or permit anyone to rejigging specific content with a personal interface. In these circumstances, we can revoke this type of authorization at any time. At this time, if the person wants to redistribute the content again, he or she needs to modify or change or edit for security.
  • Users can manipulate or amalgamate nominated content applying any kind of tool for personal or commercial usage.
  • Users must incorporate with us for any trademark or any kinds of legal notices which may follow any other purposes or attribution as well as direction.
  • The viewers or users should be capable to realize the concept and noteworthy functions of any kind of software which is shown on our website.