Nov 23rd, 2023 - 100.06 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      3uTools 2.56.012 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:


    3utools is amongst the most prominent drivers, along with I Free Up, Mini Tool, Epson Updater. When particularly in comparison to other Drivers and Mobile Phones apps, 3u tools have distinct features. 3utools is a small and manageable tool to use, which provides a mechanism for both beginners and advanced. 3utools is a free platform that gives instant, convenient, reliable, and effective drivers. Download 4uKey iPhone Unlocker

    Windows Operating Work stations and laptops running 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows may have been securely reinstalled with the 3uTools free download. The software of 3u Tools is equipped with apple devices, MacBook, and iTunes methods based. To learn how the programmers protect your information, review their terms and conditions on their webpage. 3uTools is a tool licking and baseband firmware for Apple’s android phone, MacBook, and iPod touch. Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    3utools filefamous

    Feature of 3uTools:

    3uTools Full free Version Download And Install for Windows PC. A full, freestanding configuration of 3uTools is included in this installation. Some beneficial features have been including below:

    1. This is the most efficient way to manage your iOS files and data:

    Defined as having tools for accessing digital media applications and data like soundtrack and melodies as well as pictures and images.

    As well as comprehensive iOS and device metadata, you can monitor all of your iOS software’s states, including activation, jailbreak, battery, and iCloud lock.

    1. Flicker and jailbroken are far more intelligent than they appear to be:

    Seamless software syncing for iOS devices. In addition to the free mode, Ulcer mode, and rescinded, iOS may be flashed. One-click jailbreak simplifies and accelerates the jailbreaking processes. Refurbishment of modem,

    SHSH backup, etc.

    1. Software applications, ringtones, and wallpapers aplenty:

    Using 3uTools you can access a wide range of applications, soundtracks, and backgrounds for free.

    1. Important and amusing features are included in almost all iOS Assist tools.

    For iOS users, it features backup data, ringer creation, video transcoding, null and void icon deletion, etc. So, using of 3uTools users can get almost all features simply.

    1. Theor opinion:

    Data and other features of your iOS device may well be easily addressed utilizing 3uTools.

    Use this software as a replacement to iTools and iMazing which is secure and happy.

    Ultimately, the program provides a wide spectrum of uses and decreases the potential of your iPhone being wrecked when jailbroken is being used.

    1. Virtual location option:

    Visitors may predict a separate address with 3uTools’ virtual location option.

    With such a feature, you may circumvent region restriction in video games.

    “Virtual Location” may be accessible from the “Tacklebox” page.

    Your new organization will be generated by typing in the chosen place’s GPS coordinates and choosing the “Reconfigure virtual location” option.

    1. Restore true location:

    The ‘Restore true location’ feature allows you to get your original location.

    Your particular system must be refreshed just before refurbishment can be accomplished.

    You may update the impersonating software using 3uTools.


    1. GPS Data:

    Uses Virtual and tools allowing you to emulate additional Gps data.

    So far as the impersonating functions go, Dr. Fone is the best.

    Uses Virtual lets your recommendations travel along a pretend pathway that you construct.

    Each one of these apps is freeware and has a pleasant experience for users.

    More Beneficial features of 3u Tools:

    • Authentication
    • Trash Removal on PC
    • Transform Ringtones to Video and Import Your Data
    • Dynamic Screen
    • Real-time Log Disable
    • Inappropriate Symbol
    • Shrink Photo
    • Synchronous Screen
    • Sftp should now be accessible.

    Software details and information:

    • License: Free
    • Windows: Platform
    • Language: English
    • Author:3u Tools
    • Version: 2.56.012

    Apart from that,

    A comprehensive, freestanding configuration of 3uTools has been included in the installation.

    An extensive summary of your referenced iOS device is exhibited when you install 3uTools.

    Visualize a slightly elevated photograph of your iOS device with this app! Through Windows.

    On the right side, you’ll see significant configuration files, such as the iOS version, security code, and batteries %. There are methods to detect if your web portal has been infected or not.

    In conclusion,

    The network storage capability indicator displays you which sections are consuming up too much space on your pc or mac. There are additional indicators above the Proportion bar that show how many gigabytes are also consumed, and how many of those are available. Download Nero Platinum

    In a browser operating system, 3uTools enables you to understand all of your iOS web documents.

    Subsystems backups, Ulcer mode, apple lock, modem ratings, and updates are just some of the advanced options that are available on the iCloud platform. Manage applications, open SSH, compress pictures and convert audio/video files, among other things, with this app So to operate the Software prominently and customize your downloaded function you should download 3utools.