MiniTool Partition Wizard

Nov 23rd, 2023 - 485 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      MiniTool Partition Wizard 12.5 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Windows 11/ Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:


    MiniTool partition wizard free software is surely one of the best free manager software of the Windows operating system. The software is a sort of partition manager selecting for home office users as well as commercial users. It requires extensive disk partition administration functions on account of workable partitioning as well as running PC. The unpaid software offers users readjusting drive storage and inspecting drive health also. You can Also Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    The software is used by more than 41,000,000 through CNET. Using the software one can run his PC at its best. It is a well-known and high-performance tool that assists to create optimal disk storage placement. It can assure a user of an ideal hard disk configuration. For normal users, managing a basic disk file system cannot easy task. Therefore, installing the software on a computer may contain a tremendous solution for users. Incorporating hard drive repartition and file system transformation. The free edition can support Windows 10 ALO x86 x64, Windows 7 ALO x86 x64, Windows 8 ALO x86 x64, Windows VISTA ALO x64 x86. Due to recovering data, it provides two ideal solutions. You can Download Recuva

    By recognizing and retrieving deleted folders of dropped out, formatted, and unavailable any kind of drive can reach through finding and taking back to the lost partitions.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard BOX


    • The software can retrieve data from a personal computer, a specific file, or any recycle bin.
    • It creates, removes, progresses, cleaves, adds, transforms, and rescales partitions as well as whole disks.
    • The tool can substitute the letters, correct properties, and scans file storage and systems.
    • It is so powerful and malleable tool for any user.
    • The software has the modification system of sizing and creating around the partition of 80 GB to an external hard disk. The process needs just about a few seconds to run on the device.
    • There is an option named undo which offers the user to back from changes at the time of irreversibility.
    • A completely arranged and decorated help file describes clearly every feature along with the procedure.
    • It can make Bootable CDs.
    • Transform the storage or drive sequence number.
    • It can generate lively disks.
    • Transport disk layout.
    • Completely safe and fast-running tool for users.
    • The tool has the extraordinary feature of cloning the disk and migrating the system. The methods work certainly while someone is coerced to making an immediate backup.
    • Migrating the system is one of its authentic features through which users can perform on unused disks instantly.

    New Features:

    • The tool is designed to be logical in the recent version.
    • It can convert NTFS to FAT easily.
    • The partition is set up as Primary.
    • It can convert FAT to NTFS.
    • It is able to split the partition.
    • Ensures merge partition.
    • It is a reliable tool for extending partition.
    • Provides the services of Disk benchmark.
    • It can also work as a space analyzer.

    Minitool Partition Wizard Cover

    Price Range:

    • MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro is the costs $ 59.00 which is for an annual subscription. The buyer can use the tool on one device. The consumer can be allowed a 1-year free upgrade to run the tool.
    • Deluxe can be bought charging $ 99.00 which is for an annual subscription. The buyer can utilize the software on one device. In this package,1 Year free upgrade is available.
    • MiniTool Partition Wizard Ultimate cost rate is $ 129.00 which is for lifetime usage. The buyer can use the tool for 3 devices at a time. In this package, a lifetime upgrade is available for the customer.
    • For the server, the license of the tool can be brought by $259.00.The buyer can use the service on one device. A lifetime free upgrade is available for the package.
    • For the usage of any enterprise, 1 license of 99 devices will cost $ 499.00.There is an option for a lifetime free upgrade for the betterment of the consumer.
    • For technicians, 1 license for 299 devices will cost $ 699.00.Like other members, the consumer will get the offer of a lifetime free upgrade.

    The price range is not so cheap as other disk cloning tools as far in the market.


    • Installing the tool does not need to expend hours for reinstalling the core engine.
    • The tool can scale disk write speed or disk read speed as it is an inclusive disk look-overmaster.
    • It can identify harmful sectors on the drive.
    • Additionally affirms the compromise of the multitude of documents based on volume.
    • It ensures the security of logical file systems.

    Who are the users:

    1. Enterprise

    Enterprisers use the tool more often for their commercial productivity as well as technology handling. Moreover, extra editions are available which are provided to place on MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    1. Server

    The group has chosen the tool as the first choice. The validated data which goes for security protection is also one of the most advantages for selecting.

    1. Office from home

    The tool is one of the most selected tools for home users. Besides this, the customer can transform hard disk partition within simple steps. Lastly, it approaches to redistribute the data.


    The technician group is used to familiar with the too for its overrated frequency. They mainly purchase the tool through an annual subscription.

    To install the software, the user needs a Personal computer managing the version of the operating system starting XP to 10 of Windows. The software carries out dissimilar types of tasks. The consumer can install the tool as easily as other software by approaching some steps sequentially and carefully. It provides a wonderful service to those consumers who have not use it before on a device.

    All around the world, the marketplace is so competitive in the sector of disk partitioning management. The tool has endowed the performance of doing an adequate job as a built-in management utility. It has acquired standing everywhere in the world as an essential circle utility. No additional requirements are not needed to be downloaded. It can also demolish the data while using the tool inattentively. So the user must pay heed to back up data while arranging or separating disks or systems.