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    • Latest Version:

      Notepad++ 8.1.4 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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    If you wanted to work as a code editor programmer with different languages, you must Download Notepad++ on your Windows. Go through to install it.

    Notepad++ is a textual and citation programming language for Microsoft Windows which allows users edits to text and programming language. Using tab authoring, users may operate with multiple file types in a smaller window. C’s increase controller provided the program with its acronym.

    Notepad++ is freely available. The program was first published online, where this has been installed over 28 million times and has expected to receive the SourceForge Community Choice Award for Excellence Developer Tool.

    From 2010 until 2015, Notepad++ was maintained by TuxFamily 2015, it’s been maintained on GitHub. Scintilla is being used by Notepad++.

    Don Ho designed Notepad++ in 2003, September. Due to its high underperformance, the designer planned to establish his C++based word processor called Scintilla, which is based on JEXT.

    Feature of Notepad++:

    Features that are not accessible in many other word processors may still be included in

    Notepad++ for Windows. Using mathematical modeling and code fragments, the operator may designate which translations are accessible in the text editor. A wide range of features allows developers to modify programming.

    1. Automatically save:

    Notepad++auto play feature effectively prevents data loss in case of system failure breakdown, freezes, or user fault. A sophisticated processing activity can be performed and afterward auto-saved at appropriate stages or even before, throughout, and then after.

    1. Known values would be used to identify and substitute text data:

    Acknowledged as a realistic expression in Notepad++,  a frequent expression is a structure of characters that represents a search pattern. Generally, thread algorithms use these characteristics to “identify” or “try to figure and substitute” characters, or to authenticate inputs.

    1. Modifier keys:

    This is a machine learning strategy or structure that specifies how well particular inputs should be processed into such an additional output In Notepad++.

    1. Formatting in high definition:

    Convergent proofreading is a developer technique that allows a community to add multiple simultaneous adjustments of textual in numerous availability at the very same time via virtual objects in the life form interface of Notepad++.

    1. File tabs layout:

    In Notepad++, Tab in user experience is a graphics controlling component that allows multiple texts or panelists to be maintained within a unified platform, combining tabs as a navigating gadget for having to move among subsets of content.

    More Hidden feature of Notepad++:

    • Clustering and instance converting are characteristics of line service providers.
    • Supporting with entry wound.
    • A method is known as “line highlighting.”
    • There seems to be simultaneous browsing and wide window processing.
    • Easy to integrate data and time in Notepad++.
    • Also simple to use the right-to-left conscious of the way.
    • Easy to program the serial number.
    • In Notepad++, users may configure the header and footer parameters.

    Software details and information:

    • Author: Don Ho.
    • Operating system: Windows.
    • Written in: C++
    • Last Updated: July 19, 2021.
    • Webcast:
    • Category: Source course editor.
    • License: Free
    • Language: English.
    • Available Language: 90


    XML files in an interface structure containing all internationally competitive characters in a certain language are accessible by Notepad++ and can be rebuilt from the individual user parameters.

    By transforming the existing file, it is useful to generate transcriptions into additional languages.

    Advantages of Using Notepad++:

    • It is freely available.
    • It’s incredibly speedy.
    • Units and Microsoft line extensions are permitted.
    • Textual language is available (everyone can’t speak English).
    • Syntax bringing to light is accessible for a range of accents.
    • It has the opportunity to enter a variety of files.
    • It has the option to filter via a large amount of data.
    • Instead, it can be customized to run the application.
    • In general, you can edit a database application fast with this freeware.

    Safely usable:

    Notepad++ is a safe and effective tool. It’s among the most prominent word processors of all period, and it’s a free source though too.

    Antivirus Free:

    Notepad++has has also been verified to be virus-free. There seem to be no viruses or malicious software in Notepad++.On 22 July 2021, the filename npp.8.1.2.Installer.exe was successfully demonstrated. We tested 23 distinct anti-virus software applications mostly during the evaluation process. Based on the current antivirus software we often used to test particular files, it is clear of malware, spyware, and other varieties of viruses, including trojan horses, worms, and trojans.


    Coders may use it as a word processor, while non-programmers could use it as a simple word processor. The program is available for Windows to acquire and try firsthand! Available as an open scripting language, it could be used as a professional scripting language, a conventional word processor, or a programming language. An entire simulation tool is accessible, with simple syntax, code generators, and other authoring tools embedded into it. Use it to update and design a variety of software applications.

    A variety of features in Notepad++ enable programmers to develop code far more effortlessly.

    The additional system allows users to develop not only code but other text and files, too though.