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Jun 5th, 2024 - 2 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      Wondershare Filmora 13.4 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Windows 7, 8.1, 10 & 11

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit

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    Wondershare Filmora- AI-driven Video Editor

    Having the appropriate tools can prove crucial in the constantly changing realm of Video Editing. Wondershare Filmora has turned out to be a powerful, easy-to-use, and well-equipped tool for inexperienced and experienced users alike. Filmora Video Editor is the program of one’s choice if you intend to turn videos into intriguing social media posts or cinematic art pieces. Below, we will take you through an in-depth review and figure out why this Video Editing Service is what a user needs. Download the app now. Alternatively, you can download this free video editor Shotcut

    Filmora Video Editor
    Wondershare Filmora Download

    How is the user interface of Filmora 13?

    A straightforward, user-friendly interface that strikes an equilibrium between usability and functionality welcomes you to Filmora Video Editor. Users are presented with a modern interface that smoothly walks them through “how to edit their content” as soon as they set up the software.

    • Drag-and-drop Functionality: Makes editing easier and accessible for all levels of experience.
    • Customizable Workplace: With readily adjustable panels and layouts, you can customize your work environment to correspond with your working style and flow.
    • Dark and Light Modes: Mitigate eye strain and support your working environment by selecting a dark or light theme.

    User Experience Insights:

    Both beginners and professionals are taken into account when designing the user interface of Wondershare Video Editor. With its precise controls, in-depth lessons, and community forums, anyone can quickly get started with video productions in high resolution. Even while working with high-quality files, the software’s responsiveness guarantees seamless operation, making it efficient and enjoyable during the editing process.

    Filmora- All-encompassing ecosystem for video editing

    The extensive and easy-to-use video editing features that this video editing service incorporates make it an excellent pick for both novices and experts.

    1. Multi-Track Editing: This technique gives you the power to combine several audio and video tracks to create intricate and eye-catching productions.
    2. Advanced Color Correction: Alongside the flexibility to precisely regulate the color grading process and providing LUTs (Look-Up Tables) support to create cinematic color effects, this tool offers better control over brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
    3. Motion tracking: It allows you to effortlessly track and add elements to moving things in the video, such as text, effects, or images.
    4. Chroma Key (Green screen): A tool ideal for producing videos that seem professional from any location. It allows you to replace a solid-colored background—typically green—with any image or video.
    5. Keyframing: enables you to define critical points for changes during the process to create fluid animations for video clips and effects.
    6. Split Screen: This feature is excellent for multi-angle views, comparisons, and creative storytelling, which allows you to view more than one video at once in separate areas of the screen.
    7. Video stabilization: It minimizes camera shake and produces smoother content, turning your videos into professional-looking ones.
    8. Speed Controls: Control the pace of your video recordings to create fast time lapses or stunning slow-mo effects.
    9. 3D LUTs: To achieve a uniform color palette across your project, use professional-quality color grading in 3D LUTs.
    10. Screen Recording: Use Filmora’s built-in screen recording feature to record your screen activity for tutorials, games, and presentations.
    11. Instant Cutter: Easily crop and cut your videos yet keep their original quality without needing a re-encode.

    Master video sound with audio editing tools with Filmora

    Featuring plenty of effective audio editing options, Wondershare Video Editor makes sure the quality of your audio reflects the quality of your video.

    1. Audio Equalizer: It helps achieve the ideal sound balance by adjusting the frequency spectrum of your audio, thanks to an arsenal of presets and custom options.
    2. Audio Ducking: When speech or voiceovers are in play, It automatically reduces the loudness of the background music to make the speech audible and intelligible.
    3. Audio mixer: This provides fine-grained control over the volume of different tracks, allowing for the precise conglomeration of sound effects, music, and dialogue.
    4. Audio Effects Library: This library contains various categories of sound effects that can be quickly added to your project and improve the audio quality.
    5. Noise reduction: Assists in removing unwanted noise from your audio files, enhancing the sound’s total clarity and quality.
    6. Waveform editing: By observing your audio tracks as waveforms, you can sync audio and video more efficiently to perform in-depth changes.
    7. Voice Over: Record voiceovers without leaving this Video Editing Service provider and use its editing and enhancement capabilities to produce polished recordings.

    Text & asset editing elevate your project

    Try out different text and asset styles in Filmora Video Editor to make the video more interesting. These excellent tools help you manage different assets and add and edit text in your projects.

    1. Animated Titles and Text: Select from hundreds of animated title templates and tweak them to match your video’s topic and style.
    2. Text Customization: You can change text fonts, colors, sizes, and animations easily, making it more visually appealing for your project.
    3. Text Effects: To make your text pop out, add further effects like borders, shadows, and transitions.
    4. Resource Library: To take your work to a level forward, access a vast library of sound effects, music, and video clips free of royalty.
    5. Overlays and Filters: Create unique visual effects and improve the storytelling using artistic overlays and filters in your videos.
    6. Elements: Use customizable and animatable dynamic elements according to the content of your production, such as icons, arrows, and shapes.
    7. Transitions: A broad range of transition effects to seamlessly change between scenes and clips, giving your videos an upscale look.
    8. Headlines and Lower Thirds: Professional-quality titles and lower thirds can give the videos a sophisticated appearance, which is particularly helpful for presentations and interviews.

    Artificial Intelligence powers video editing in Filmora

    Using artificial intelligence, this Wondershare Video Editor streamlines and improves the editing process while offering cutting-edge features to foster creativity and save the clock.

    1. AI Portrait: Perfect for vlogs and presentations, it automatically cuts backgrounds from video footage without using a green screen.
    2. Intelligent Scene Detection: This feature helps you navigate and edit particular areas of the video by identifying and dividing up different scenes.
    3. AI Text Recognition: Streamlines the process of making captions and enhances accessibility by auto-transforming spoken sentences into text subtitles in the videos.
    4. Auto Reframe: This feature checks your video and automatically modifies its width and height per various social media sites (e.g., vertical on TikTok or square on Instagram) so that your material appears fantastic everywhere.
    5. AI Motion Tracking: Improved motion tracking features make it less complicated to apply effects and elements that track how things move in your videos, thanks to more accurate object tracking.
    6. AI Audio Improvement: It brings down background noise, boosts clarity, and adjusts volume levels to improve audio quality automatically.

    Wondershare Filmora for Free

    If not a premium version, a free version of Wondershare Filmora is available that includes all the features needed for basic cutting, trimming, and a variety of transitions and effects. However, the free edition excludes access to the entire collection of sophisticated features and effects and puts a watermark on exported projects.

    On the other hand, the premium edition offers an experience devoid of watermarks and grants access to sophisticated functionalities like motion tracking, keyframing, AI-driven instruments, and an extensive collection of audio, sound effects, and visual materials. Professional content creators would find it ideal as high-end consumers get the benefits of dedicated customer service and frequent updates. You can also download Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

    How much does Filmora cost?

    This Wondershare Video Editor comes in different editions for different audiences: individuals, teams, businesses, and education. Pricing is yearly and monthly. Individual users, unlike other types of users, can purchase this Video Editing Service for a lifetime with a one-time payment. Check the pricing here.

    System Requirements

    • Memory: 8 GB of RAM (HD & 4K requires 16 GB)
    • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 10 GB of free storage to install (HD & 4K editing requires SSD)
    • Processor: Intel i3 or later Multicore CPU, 2 Gigahertz or more (HD & 4K editing requires 6thGen or later processor)
    • Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 5000, AMD Radeon R5, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, or later GPU

    If you are prepared to advance your video content, get Wondershare Filmora with unlimited possibilities. Whether you’re a filmmaker, YouTuber, or just a creative person, you can bring out your creative idea with the help of Filmora Video Editor. Create rather than just edit. Give this Video Editing Service a shot now to see how much more creative you can be. Download and begin producing captivating and motivational videos.

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