Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Dec 14th, 2021 - 549.70 MB (Trial)
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      Android OS Version 7.0 or Later

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      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Android, PDF (Portable Document Format) management became easier these days, thanks to the available PDF tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader APK in the digital market. Not just managing them but doing everything is have there at your hand. Adobe Acrobat Reader APK is the most reliable PDF tool to millions of people around the world, with cloud-based technology this app’s PDF managing is now at another level. It is a versatile PDF tool that lets you open and read more kinds of PDF files directly from a webpage, email, or any app than other similar apps. Adobe Acrobat Reader APK has been improved for mobile usage with a fast search and zoom function. So download this software for easy, fast, and intuitive PDF reading and managing for your Android mobile. You can also download another related app Adobe Scan

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    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Android

    Back up your PDF documents online with cloud technology, and access them from anywhere. Alongside reading PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader APK lets you perform PDF conversion, make PDFs, combine PDF files, PDF organizing, and many more, everything is in a single platform.

    Open and view PDF files, files with text and other notes added with, and even password-protected PDF files through Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android easily. You can select Single Page, Continuous scroll, or Reading mode, and can search, zoom in & out, and scroll. With this PDF tool PDFs reading has been easier, since it has got a Liquid Mode that gives you the best PDF reading experience. You are allowed to maximize your ease using readability controls for adjusting the default font size, line spacing, and character spacing. There is no necessity for pinching and zooming documents, the content reflows automatically to fit your display. There is a dark mode option, allowing you to read words with eye comfort. Navigate quickly with the Liquid Mode outline and find out text quickly in the PDF files as well. Download PDF Element for Windows

    Do a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC APK, then quickly edit your PDF files like you need, adding or changing your PDF’s text or images all are at your fingertips. After paying for further editing features you can add a paragraph or fix a typo. Besides, the images can be deleted and rotated. Its PDF converter lets you export to and from PDF as well. Make PDFs also using advanced features, or can mix different PDF documents within one file. Write text or drawings in your PDF documents, and even add PDF notes like sticky notes as well as comments on the document using highlight text, and stickers. Adobe Acrobat Reader APK fills out PDF forms easily using the form filter features, besides lets you e-sign PDF documents with your finger or stylus.

    Once you are done work with your PDF file, you can share the file with the people or collaborate with your coworkers. Share with them for viewing or commenting on your files. Get notification of the files you shared to see who view it and do comment on it also. Put all the comments together from many people in a single file online. As said above, Adobe Acrobat Reader APK is a cloud-based PDF utility, so once you signed in to your free account you can start storing your documents in cloud servers to access across multiple devices. Link with cloud storage apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MS OneDrive, or others. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is more consistent with Google Drive, where you can access documents and edit, combine, convert, or compress, or even can make PDFs.

    Note: To get even more PDF managing features like PDF creating, editing, converting, combining, compressing, and mainly to protect them you need to subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Pro via in-app purchasing.