Adobe Photoshop Camera

Dec 14th, 2021 - 90.65 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      Adobe Photoshop Camera 1.3.1 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Android version 9.0 and later

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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    Adobe’s new photographic app Adobe Photoshop Camera is a free camera app with photo editing tools and lens filters. To give your photos an Adobe-edited look, use this app on your Android device, get the best filters and effects for your photos, add them even before you capture your photo. Photoshop Camera is a photography app that is powered by AI, brings the magic of Adobe Photoshop to your photos as you capture them. Give your pictures unique style using more than one hundred aesthetic, Insta-worthy lens filters and effects inspired by many popular artists and influencers. Many of the filters and effects will seem familiar if you used Adobe Photoshop’s other tools before on your smartphone. Use them to get amazing picture-perfect results with fewer efforts. So download Adobe Photoshop Camera Apk and capture incredible photos on your Android phone.

    Adobe Photoshop Camera APK

    Adobe Photoshop Camera Apk aims to make things easier so that users can easily get the best out of their pictures. Even a user with no skills in Photoshop or photo editing can easily get social media-worthy photos to share with the world. The photo editor is loaded with amusing and wonderful features powered by AI, helping you take beautiful selfies, flawless portraits, and more using the right lens and filters. Portrait control, fast auto-tone fixes, use exceptional photo effects such as blur background and fun filters, everything you need is there at your fingertips to make high-quality pictures. Photoshop Camera for Android comes with amazing features, such as built-in image editors, live filters, guide controls, and a load more.

    Camera Filters- Use effects and filters with a single click. With multiple custom filters, save as many pictures as you want. The included filters are namely Portrait, Food, Natural Skies, Blue Skies, Scenery, Dreamcatcher, Double Exposure, Artful, Prism, and more. There are also widely common lens filters, including Celestial, Comic Skies, Cosmos, Vibrant, Studio Light, and more to use and make various cool picture effects.

    Real-Time Photoshop Effects- Capture more interesting photos using the magic of Photoshop and photo editing, thanks to the AI.

    Auto-Tone Picture Effects- This app has “real life” right without lesser extreme differences within brightness and shadow areas for better photo editing.

    Portrait Controls- Its Face Light improves the lighting, removes the presence of any sharp shadows, and makes the flawless portrait. At the time taking group selfies, the app identifies where each subject is located, consequently, there is no additional distortion. And Photoshop Camera’s Bokeh features (blur background) help you easily apply blurring effects and improve the quality of your portrait.

    Content-Aware Recommendations- Photoshop Camera Apk suggests the best for your particular photos. It knows which picture effects are the best to apply. You just select your photo and the rest will do this app.

    Lens Options Inspired by Influencers- See how your favorite influencers edit their pictures, take creativeness and use their aesthetic, lens filters, and effects. As said above, Photoshop Camera Apk has more than 100 lens effects to use, plus it adds new seasonal options always, making things amusing to discover.

    Social Share- As well as capturing a photo with high-quality editing, the photo editor allows you to share them right from the app to your chosen social sites like Facebook, email, etc.

    In addition to this, you can adjust the details of your photos with basic enhancements like exposure, highlights, shadows, vibrancy, etc. Make cinematic images effortlessly, thanks to the AR lenses. Most interestingly, you can make your own filters as well with this photo editor, it gives you that power. Make your filters using Photoshop and show your talent.

    Adobe Photoshop Camera Apk features a simple and clean user interface, with no elements that could disturb your attention. The button for photo capturing is positioned at the screen’s bottom and your downloaded collections of lenses are below. With the included free features, you can also explore the available packages in case you want additional presets, store them in the various filters of the device. Moreover, Photoshop Camera Apk is compatible with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Google Photos, helping you increase the possibilities of your editing. Download Photoshop Camera for Android to get fun, free photo editing tools to make your photos unique.