Puffin Browser Pro

Mar 19th, 2023 - 28.6 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      Puffin Browser Pro LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Android OS 4.4 or Latest

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:


    In today’s internet surfing world, everywhere is all about peak browsing performance, cloud technology, and primarily online security. Internet surfing becomes better, faster, and securer from time to time. Where Puffin Browser Pro APK is one of them and the best alternatives in case you are moving away from Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and else, which is always keen to introduce you to the browsing world where you will experience nothing but rapidity, security, and more at your internet surfing session. Puffin Browser Pro APK is a cross-platform internet browser, which means one can use it on Android Devices, iOS Devices, Windows, Mac, and even on Smart TVs (Android TV). Download one of the fastest web browsers Puffin Pro Free Download Latest Version for your Android phone now. Download VidMate APK



    Although Puffin Pro Browser Latest Version is not better than other browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome. But compared to them, Puffin Browser Pro APK provides unbelievable performance together with the unparalleled loading speed and data processing. A paid web browser that has full of features, providing tabbed browsing, extensions and download manager, loads of themes, the option for saving favorites, a gamepad, and many more to ensure you browse the online world with everything you want. Because of its cloud technology and other great facilities, you will fall for it and make it your next default browser.

    The cloud servers of Puffin Pro APK latest version control even the maximum resource-demanding websites with no effort, websites can load at unbelievable speeds. It has cloud protection as well, so every Internet traffic from the app to the cloud servers is protected using end-to-end encryption. Puffin Browser Pro APK encrypts your important data earlier sending to the server. So, there is no worry about using public or unsafe Wi-Fi. You are allowed to browse with the anonymous browsing tab “Incognito tab”, making you sure to browser full privately and no need to worry about your data being stolen by malware or hackers.

    Puffin Browser Pro APK also features Adobe Flash Over Cloud another one of the cloud technologies that work behind the web browser has the newest Flash version at all times. You can view Flash content anytime via the cloud, as well as it included Gamepad and virtual Trackpad support, which lets you play Flash games easily and seamlessly on Android devices. On the other way, the Trackpad is a feature of the laptop, makes browsing sessions and scrolling around easy and suitable.

    Moreover, Puffin Browser Pro APK latest version uses a proprietary compression algorithm for transmitting web data to your Android device, helping users to save bandwidth up to 90% on daily web browsing. But when you will be watching videos or streaming Flash content, more bandwidth will be required than typically it uses. You can also customize a few parameters of photos and videos using data saving mode so that the browser could load rapidly without using much bandwidth. You can even turn the bandwidth saving off if you do not worry about it.

    Features of Puffin Browser Pro Browser briefly-

    • Extraordinary browser loading speeds
    • Fastest JavaScript engine
    • Cloud technology
    • Adobe Flash Over Cloud
    • Ad Blocker
    • Download to cloud capabilities
    • Desktop Mode
    • Flash content and videos
    • Gamepad & virtual Trackpad

    Software Information and System Requirements

    • Software Name: Puffin Browser Pro Browser


    • Servers of Puffin are situated in the US & Singapore, so if you are from other countries there may occur geolocation restrictions of content.
    • Puffin is blocked in particular countries like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc., and even in some educational institutes, mainly in the US’s selected schools.