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Dec 14th, 2021 - 83.85 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      Adobe Scan 21.09.17 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Android version 7.0 and later

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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    If you are in search of an on-the-go scanner for a mobile device, download Adobe Scan for Android, which can scan any document using your device’s camera. Adobe Scan turns your mobile into a powerful portable scanner that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for recognizing text from any documents automatically, plus it lets you save many files formats, for example- PDF, JPEG, etc. It is the best in intelligence, enabling you to scan anything, documents, notes, receipts, whiteboards, business cards, and even your photos, you can use again with text from each PDF and photo scan. Adobe Scan Apk converts image text automatically to real text using OCR and saves it to your phone or lets you share with anyone via any social app. Whether use any photo from your mobile or capture new ones, convert them easily to PDF. Download this office suite now. You can also Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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    Adobe Scan lets you capture and covert easily anything within excellent Adobe PDFs. It has got various capture modes with automatic boundary detection, providing you the best scans at all times. Every time it scans more clearly and cleanly, thanks to the AI for improved scans with intelligent features. Adobe Scan Apk uses Adobe Sensei, the powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) makes every feature of this tool intelligent. As a result, you can correct image perspective and refine printed text or handwritten, at the time eliminating elements that you do not want, such as shadow and glare. As said above, Adobe Scan also supports several files formats, like JPEG, and obviously PDF. To do more with your scanned pages, save them as JPEG and upload them to any apps or even include the scanned pages within documents. Download PdfElement for Windows

    Primary topic, “how this app works?” So the scanning tool of this application performs easily and effectively. The scanner is intelligent and portable, scans anything text-written. Initially, open the app choose any image, document, etc. to scan, later focus on the page, give the app to scan it for a second, remember you need to keep the device camera as steady as possible. Your work is done, the app will automatically recognize the page, will scan it, and give you the result. The result will be saved also by the app automatically to the future PDF file, you can save the result to another recipient as well. Thanks to its automatic function, Adobe Scan performs quickly and all its own, no need to tap any button, it processes automatic scan and converts to PDF. Missing something on your PDF, no problem, scan it again and ensure you got what you want.

    After finalizing your PDF file, you can preview, reorder, adjust color, and even crop and rotate the document. You can adjust the color of any page, plus change the complete file to black & white. Also adjust your PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Reader, open it to the PDF manager to do comments and notes, and even reviewing it. Besides, Adobe Scan allows you to turn paper forms within collaborating digital documents, as you can easily fill out, signature, and share with people. In case you find any imperfections, marks, shadows, creases, etc. remove and edit them easily, even any handwriting. Adobe Scan allows you to get high-quality Adobe PDFs, unlocking text by automated text recognition, and use text from each PDF scan again, all because of OCR. You are even able to scan multiple pages simultaneously and save by clicking once, using this scanner app download it today.

    Adobe Scan Apk has the ability to make any files scanned and reused. Even long legal documents can be managed and scanned through this program, allowing you to search, choose, and copy text easily.  With this app scan a tax receipt for highlighting expenses effortlessly, scan even a business card. Additional services Adobe Scan for Android provide, you can save every scanned document to Adobe Document Cloud for accessing and sharing instantly hereafter.

    Adobe Scan Apk is free to download. It works completely free in many services. However, there is a premium version to experience more scanning power. Subscribe to the premium one and get to use merging multiple scans within one, exporting PDFs to MS Word or PowerPoint, and increase the capacity of OCR up to 100 pages. Adobe Scan downloads now, the most reliable scanning app across mobile devices available in the market trusted by millions of people around the world. Work with the PDF scanner and even with the Adobe ecosystem to access other features for fast PDF editing. Whether it’s about your professional work or academic, use Adobe Scan for an on-the-go scanner.