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Aug 13th, 2022 - 244.56 (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      Brave Browser 1.42.88 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Android version 7.0 and later

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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    Brave Browser for Android

    Everyone needs a convenient browser to surf the internet the way they want. The best browser for experience, speed, and customizability keeps you and your privacy protected while browsing. All of these apart, your security and privacy are the most important things to keep in mind about. Everything matters to you, right? Therefore you have got Brave Private Web Browser on your Android device. Brave Browser is free, fast, and prioritizes most for protecting you online than any other web browser can do. It is an open-source browser with simple usability, just open up the web browser and start exploring. Download Brave Browser APK and experience more than just browsing, like ad blocking, tracking and security protection, and optimized user experience for the device’s data and battery life. Also, try Dolphin Browser for great browsing online

    Brave Browser Apk Thumbnail
    Brave Browse for Android


    Brave emphasizes browsing speed and security; that’s why it is equipped with all essentials required. It is the fastest and safest Browser available in the Android market, and this way, it configured its settings. There is no need to manage the settings and use other utilities to get a super-fast browsing experience with no cyber threats, popups, malware, or other bothersome things. All thanks to the built-in adblocker with Brave Browser APK, which blocks ads that are annoying and can track your activities online, so you get a continuous and smooth browsing experience.

    Brave Browser Screenshots
    Brave Browser for Android

    Where you do every work of yours online on the phone, for business, banking, and others, and you want them to be private. So to protect your privacy online, Brave Browser for Android adds some leading features, including private incognito tabs to Browser anonymously, HTTPS Everywhere for encrypted data traffic, and third-party cookie blocking to prevent tracking by others, and script blocking to scan scripts on webpages to identify its impact. Battery and your data are other main concerns to you. You want your Browser to consume less battery life and data. So Brave Browser operates the way that you can get a faster experience without compromising data and battery life. It cuts slower page loading and makes it 3x faster on phones and tablets, shields you from malware-infected ads, and boosts the performance. Brave thinks about the importance of users’ data; that’s why, it includes Shields that block 3rd party ads and trackers. Alternatively, try Puffin Browser in concern of your privacy and security

    Brave Rewards– Where ads in browsers suck data, slowdowns websites, disturb your work, and track your activities online, but with Brave Browser for Android, you got something different from these, making it an earning source for you. Brave wipes away all the clutter-making ads and trackers by default and then allows you to choose to watch Brave Private Ads. Thus watching its ads, you will get rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Earn tokens and use them for what you want, including crypto, cash gift cards, send to other users or your preferred content creators, and so on. Don’t worry about your privacy while earning through watching ads; it doesn’t harm your private data at all.

    Feature Highlights-

    • Private and independent search
    • Built-in Adblocker
    • Brave Shields
    • Popup Blocker
    • Script Blocking
    • Tracking Protection
    • Blocks third-party cookies
    • HTTPS Everywhere
    • Data & Battery Optimization
    • Bookmarks (with syncing option) & Extension (limited)
    • Incognito Browsing
    • History
    • Brave Rewards
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