Nov 23rd, 2023 - 195 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      Malwarebytes 4.4.6 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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    • Details:

      Malwarebytes Latest Version for Windows

    Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that secure your Windows that helps protect you from viruses. Do you want advantageous protection and debris removal that can be configured on your Windows. Then you should download Malware bytes. Get ahead to install the latest version. Malwarebytes specialized in defending private workstations, devices, and organizations against malware as well as other possible consequences. To defend against unknown IP addresses and web browsers that disseminate malware, Malware bytes acquired HP hosts in 2011. The organization recommends broadband providers demolish those with deleterious activity. Download related software Smadav Antivirus

    Malwarebytes featured a wide range of products in 36 multiple languages.

    To have access to a freemium model for enterprise users Malwarebytes AntiMalware provides excellent software with a 14-days trial period. Malware bytes Anti-Malware released with a redesigned operating system and dashboard. Malware bytes Anti-Exploit also was introduced in both a free and premium rendition for Windows Systems. You can Try New Browser App AVG Secure Browser


    Includes effective features for Malwarebytes:

    To overlook your software of Windows you should have gathered knowledge about some effective features of Malwarebytes, which are given below:

    1. Tries to defend yours against severe malware:

    Anti-rootkit, Anti-spyware, Anti-malware, and new tech infects and disables Malwarebytes is in high definition.

    Predictive analytics detects threats autonomously, so you’re secured without needing to worry about all this.

    1. You are safeguarded from getting your data taken captive in consideration for ransom:

    Prevents new and recognized threats with proprietary upcoming technology that operates preemptively to secure your data from ransomware. This is not a simplistic decoding software, but a sophisticated, comprehensive defence that inhibits extortion. The “Ransomware Attack!” tabloids of the future are also now shielded from your safeguard. Free uTorrent Download

    1. Helps to prevent the use of your software towards yourself:

    Four protocols surround your web page and software, prohibiting threats that make use of inadequacies in

    that software to infiltrate your system.

    1. Shields you from misleading and hazardous WebPages:

    Provides immunity against fake web pages and hazardous links.

    Defence against malware installations, extortion efforts, and malicious promotion is administered to you on a continuing process. In a “terrible” Online environment, are you concerned?

    You wouldn’t have to be longer.

    1. Scanner that is speedier and sharper

    The Rapid Scan mode, which is blazing speedy, focuses only on current hazards. Assessments that are accomplished more speedily. Outcomes are still obtained. While you’re enjoying your favourite sport, do a backdrop scan. The project is performed when you can play. You can try MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    1. Website Safeguard:

    Accessibility to dangerous web pages, infographics, scammers systems, and unsavoury regions is prohibited

    by Website Safeguard.

    Additional propitious feature:

    • A much more sophisticated system.
    • Stiffening of the surface.
    • Remediation is being completely comprehended.
    • Defending the program against undesirable behaviour
    • Recognition of Deformities.
    • Evaluation of the contents.
    • Console, data, and confidentiality are stored securely.

    Malware bytes Antivirus:

    In considerations of malware detection, Malwarebytes Antivirus is among the most powerful features.

    Whenever your software is behaving erratically, it is a smart option to do a brief scan that uses this tool.

    A paid and free variation including its tool is accessible. In comparison, the free plan excludes real defence

    Malware bytes: Pros and Cons:


    • You will find a version of this which is accessible for free.
    • An increasing level of antivirus detection
    • User experience is clear to comprehend.
    • CPU usage is limited to bare essentials.


    • This does not offer real-time security in the free plan.
    • The organization does not stream online chat or contact services.
    • A firewall is also not accessible.

    Software details and Information:

    • Conducting system: Windows.
    • Size:68.61
    • License: Free.
    • Author: Malwarebytes.
    • Language: English.

    Available Language:

    Besides English, Malwarebytes is available in 30 more languages. So, most users can access this software in their native language.

    Modernize specification:

    Utilizing one of the most prominent protection resource activities that you have access to more information.

    As a consequence of Malwarebytes shielding millions of Workstations, a constant stream of scanning occurrence information is available. It enables us to be more flexible and creative in our response to new and unknown concerns.

    • A total of 8 million infections are recognized or eliminated every day by Malwarebytes.
    • The Malwarebytes module supports over 187 million inspections every month.
    • There are even more than 247,000 Malwarebytes installed nearly every day.


    Malwarebytes, like the overwhelming majority of antivirus software, is meticulously planned to download and then use. The procedure just takes very few keystrokes and a few mins max. The web browsing shield extension is an additional component that will be probably offered during the installation procedure by Malwarebytes. You can try Free Youtube Download

    Malware bytes have a minimalistic interface.

    An overall view of antimalware statistics, prepared by removing, and complete protection are exhibited on the platform. The software is also configured by utilizing seven tabs.

    There are possibilities for deactivating reminders, activating on tool alerts, picking from much more than 20 languages, and even configuring the program’s overall layout (light, dark, or default).

    Malware bytes are well-protected antivirus software for detecting and eradicating threats.  Owing to its uniqueness, I greatly love the backup method.