AVG Secure Browser

Nov 23rd, 2023 - 3.39 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      AVG Secure Browser 81.0 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:


    AVG Secure Browser comes with a VPN built-in as well. The use of a virtual private network is optional, but if you want genuine security you should regard it with deliberate care. Using a VPN, you fixture a dependable connection with a configurable server before sending any data. You can also Download Brave Browser

    There is a risk that lawbreakers, defusing delegation, and other scandalous groups will not be able to collect your data after the continuity has been intuitive. Users who wish to access stumbling block websites and files should also take to consider a VPN. Whenever you access a new website your data are collected once organizations by illegally and they use to sell it to unauthorized and also utilize as an evil-intentioned. They also formed a profile on you which is going to be mean whatever information they want to show only you see that. You can also Download Most Popular Web Browser Google Chrome

    AVG Secure Browser

    Highlights of Features:

    AVG features are the most frequent errand which is available to operate antivirus and privacy systems these are given below:

    1. Scanner of link: The link scanner computers are built by AVG products. This feature is used to up defense functions which are used to good advantage spontaneous download.
    2. Links canner shield: Link scanner shield for search are worked for as protection while opening new files before open file it analysts properly to make free virus.
    3. Concern Link scanner: While link scanner of AVG8. o was released features used to show the expansion in traffic of website search engines be patent elevated accrued in first pages.
    4. Online shield: This feature is used to create to analyze files and make sure they are full of safe. It is also used for sharing files through immediate SMS by keeping privacy and safety.
    5. Protect flash: The feature can be used to establish in blocking flash easily able to stop or running to allow or not.
    6. Mode of Financial Institution: It safe your credit data and other private data, own password from the lawbreakers.
    7. Anti-Phishing mode: Anti-Phishing helps to discover risks during download any website and internal knowledge which are concerned on risky.
    8. Privacy cleaner: This feature is most of the secure browser for maintain online data privacy and act as a safeguard, help to see the setting in one place, custom-tailored ad blocker, protection against the lawbreaker.
    9. Mode of Stealth: In this feature, you can refuge any cookies which using by track.

    More feature:

    • On 9 July 2008 build another feature that was to be concerned with local hinder.
    • It can filter Link scanner trafficking of site statistics.
    • It helps to save passwords by maintaining privacy.
    • It is filled up auto-data from any web browser.
    • By using a webcam guard tool one can control the camera.
    • It is helpful to track anti-fingerprint to protect the website’s tracking.
    • It is helpful to make faster speed to load web pages.

    Data collection:

    • During URL checked it helps to choose a safe website.
    • Users’ feedback is relevant.
    • With the extension it metrics the usage data.
    • It identifies internal extinction.
    • usage to obtain information about the device.
    • usage to country detection specific data.
    • Using Bank Mode data on AVG antivirus.

    Software information and details

    • Operating System: Windows.
    • License: Free
    • Type: Web browser
    • Access by: AVG
    • Version: 89.1
    • Language: English
    • Last update: 29 July 2021
    • Size:560kb

    Available Language:

    Even if you’re not familiar with English, you can potentially shift and obtain your local language from the configurations.

    • English
    • German
    • Spanis
    • French
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Dutch
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese

    AVG Antivirus:

    Installing of free AVG antivirus system whenever you access windows will collect your data and explore all mail, recover virus infected files then confine the area that infected files are detained. By blocking viruses your web page will load fast then faster. You can also Download Smadav Antivirus.

    Conclusion: When you browse your favorite social network site, send someone mail, and buy anything from online shopping, AVG will secure your personal information by using innovative tools Although all IT security tools will be endlessly safe and, using AVG browser law-breaking victim risk will be diminished. Although it can be said that this feature is dedicated to maintaining security. It’s an all-in-one solution for all data information to keep secure, privacy saves real-time to load pages faster by browsing AVG secure browser. It will be your great experience by using this browser because all sources task are related to the incandescent browser