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Nov 23rd, 2023 - 6.23 MB (Demo)
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    • Latest Version:

      Typing Master 1.205.8 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit

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    Typing Master is such a kind of software that will surely make your typing journey more exciting and fruitful. This program will help you to develop your accuracy. It provides another advantage of a very easy-to-use candidate.  It offers more benefits and is interactive than any other software.  Typing Master will give you the opportunity of comprehensive performance analysis and it is an important educational software.  Here is an advanced software widget to check your progress. You will find that typing tests can be taken in various Explorer-style windows. By this program, you will be able to understand your weaknesses and your progress. Typing master will give you the job of typing test or tutor. Typing master’s processing is very simple and interesting.  So this will be your unrivaled choice. You can Also Download Free YouTube Downloder

    Typing Master

    The features of Typing Master are –

    1. Typing accuracy
    2. Improving typing speed.
    3. Act as your Guide.

    When you start practicing the tool it will give you 10 hours of different lessons.

    Let’s know how it improves your typing.

    Typing Master is not similar to other programs, it helps you import data, it enables you to easily import pre-existing or custom profiles, and you can start learning through interactive tools.

    Another interesting feature of Typing Master is that it integrates very well with games such as Bubbles and Word Trees, those games also help various practice modules to improve your typing skills. The program has an option in the ‘Training Settings’ section that helps you explore a variety of keyboard layout options. It has interactive features for the person who starts it quickly because it is a very simple and basic typing tool. You can Download Avg Secure Browser

    This is a unique program method to help users to learn the module. It has very well-featured games that allow you to learn in a normal, effective, and soft way.  Helps to concentrate on lessons or various exams.  The

    Typing Master’s development team always sends their updates with a few bug fixes, their daily improvements, and updates to new features.

    Let’s find out if Typing master can track your data.

    This is a free tool.  If you do not pay for the free version, it will come with extensive tracking features for detailed analysis.  If you work in Tools, the Dedicated Widget of the main window typing master will track your performance.  The paid version has a certain advantage for example it can run in the background and it can track typing speed and accuracy outside of its interface.  Your misspelled words, missed letters, capital, etc. This will help you understand how you can correct your typing errors.  For those who are new, the screen can be an additional intruder. The program takes a very short time to become accustomed to the interface. Besides, you will not face any problems while using the application and keeping your windows smaller.

    No other training method is as good As it and it can help you improve your accuracy and speed.  By using this feature-full application, you can easily memorize your mistakes. It contains some basic exercises that help you learn multiple typing techniques, correct finger placement, etc.  Also provides a color-coded display.  It allows you to see the myriad aspects of your typing. Typing Master can analyze how and when you use numeric pads on the keyboard.

    Is typing master a good choice?

    Even if its interface seems old, it is a secret camouflage for newcomers. This program works very easily on every version of Windows and helps you to improve every section of your writing like your mistakes, speed, and strokes method while pressing the keys. Typing Master is not available on mobile operating systems because this program is designed to improve typing on a PC keyboard. If you download the latest version, it will seem to you just like a complete typing course and often even more than that.

    It gives you multiple games and online tools that make you feel like a virtual instructor.  In a single package, you will get a bundle of lessons.

    You can easily engage with the lesson because the program gives you constant recommendations and feedback.  The games provided by the program will keep you interested in the modules and will enable you to solve various problems through your typing.

    Finding this type of supportive software is very hard even though there is much such software available online.  Downloading Typing Master will improve your accuracy and typing speed.


    • It will offer you engaging content.
    • It has a simple interface system.
    • It assists you with performance analysis.
    • It has different practice tests.


    • It is not available on mobile.


    1. What is the Version feature of Typing Master?

    Older Versions(5)

    1. When it was last time updated?
    2. Latest updated on Jun 23, 2021.
    3. On which platform is it available?
    4. In windows Platform.

    OS: Windows 7

    1. What is its language?
    2. In English
    3. Which languages are available in Typing Master?

    A.English,Spanish,German,Dutch,French,Finnish,Italian,Swedish,Portugues e.

    1. How many people did download it?

    A.5M People.