How to play Free Fire on PC? | How to play on PC the Garena Free Fire?

How to play on PC the Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire! An Android and iOS mobile’s game is one of the most played games nowadays and is a royale battle game. This game is continuously challenging along with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite for the top mark in the field of battle Royale. Like every app and mobile game, you can play this game too, on your PC or your computer. So if your mobile phone is not acceptable at these things, you will see loads of dissimilarity while playing along with a table, mouse, and keyboard as well as headphones gear. Therefore, in the following few lines, we provide you with each detail you require finding the most beyond this shooter to which more users are being hooked all days.

Benefits of Playing On PC

Though it has been designed for playing by a touch screen, it is essential to consider a shooter and a battle royale. That means you will battle along with other players. And in these conflicts, there are quite a few vital topics:

  • Team: A player who has a good team (mobile phone, PC or else computer) has a benefit above a different one along with a lousy team. It’s fluency’s question, FPS’s question, and so on, which similarly influences mobile games and PC games.
  • Mouse: At the time of targeting, the dissimilarity of accuracy between a mouse and a touch screen is pretty noticeable. Mainly while you have two thumbs, you must shoot, run, move, and target at a similar time.
  • Keyboard: Along with the right hand on the mouse plus the left hand on the keyboard, you can do loads of things at a similar time. With a touch screen, you can do loads of things as well. But it’s extra tricky due to space as well as thumbs.

Steps for Playing Garena Free Fire in PC

For playing Garena Free Fire on PC, you have to have an emulator or perhaps the APK.

Download or APK

The game can be downloaded in two different ways:

  • PlayStore or else App Store: If you have it obtainable to get right of entry to any of the two stages from the emulator, download and then install it. As simple as doing it on your mobile phone.
  • APK: If not, here is the link to download. As still, if it hasn’t come to your country, you can play too by the APK. You ought to download the APK from your computer or your PC, and after that, install it in the emulator.


If you haven’t used it previously and don’t know how to select which emulator, here are some options. Along with BlueStacks or Gameloop or Nox, it works entirely. Any of them ought to work for Garena Free Fire and approximately any game.

We have previously made clear how to download this game, and we have provided you with quite a few emulator’s options. You can now play, though you will notice that the controls are not arranged if you do it. It isn’t difficult, but for the first time could suffer you slightly. So if you are attracted, go and search any of the emulators.

I finished the download of the emulator,

And now, along with the emulator, the APK, plus the keyboard previously arranged, all you need to do is go into the game and start battling!