Microsoft’s Very New Version- Windows 11

Get Ready for Microsoft’s Next Generation System- Windows 11!

Starting from the PC & modern internet world, Windows providing a stage where people can do what they usually did not even think about before. Windows always came up with their operating systems to fit the generation. From 1985 till now, from their first version of windows to their new Windows 11, from a simple GUI to an extraordinary one, Windows came a far away. Windows now being a platform, where billions of people are dependent. The last version was Windows 10. We thought it would be the final version provided by the Microsoft Company. One of the employees of Microsoft even stated at a conference that Windows 10 would be their last main version. But, see they introduced their next big project. Over six years later, Microsoft introduced their new operating system Windows 11. On the 24th of June, 2021 at a virtual event, Microsoft revealed, they bringing their next main version. Hopefully, we could get it in late 2021, since Microsoft mentioned that Windows 11 probably could get released in October. So, get ready to experience a new Windows and meet the new innovative world, where you can learn, create, connect, and achieve more, mainly where you can depend more. Since Windows 11 is officially releasing, so some screenshots of it have been disclosed on many sites, showing a new look, start menu, and more of Windows 11. Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10. So, one who using Windows 10 could upgrade with minimum requirements to Windows 11 for free through Windows Update, but have to wait for 2022.

New look & features Windows going to share with us…

Now, talking about the look, user interface, features of Windows 11. Although most of the things provided to the new version are similar to Windows 10, however, the UI or features are much easier to use than Windows 10. When you will be using Windows 11 for the first time, you can notice the changes in the redesigned UI. The developers have redesigned Windows 11 and made the user experience easy to increase our productivity and inspire our creativity. This redesigned system is flexible and easy to use. The redesign will amaze you with its stunning, modern, and fresh look. The UI now got a noticeable look. New animations, rounded geometry, translucency, a new color palette, shadows prevalent throughout the UI, also new icons & fonts are used. Everything has been changed to provide you an easy and calm experience. Microsoft is there for no more complexity, only simplicity.

They are bringing the biggest changes to the Start Menu. The Fluent Design System is up-to-date now too. Thus following the updated Fluent Design System’s principles the Start Menu has been designed again in Windows 11. The revamped Start Menu will feel way easier than the existed Start Menu of Windows 10, includes recent files list, replaced the Live Tiles with pinned applications, and faster shut down or restart ability. And the Start button is now placed at the center to find it quickly. The cloud & MS 365 will be there with a new design and new applications, providing a more natural and consistent experience.

Windows 11 brings new features like Snap Layouts, Snap Desktops & Groups to assist you to access all apps at the same time in multiple windows to do multitask easily. Create and arrange separate desktops side by side, in sections, columns, and more for your separate works.

The developers gave a new design to the Taskbar. And the taskbar’s buttons have got animated look, the Start menu, Widgets, and Task View for example. By default the buttons are aligned at the center, no worry, you prefer it to the right move it if you want. You will no longer be able to move the taskbar to the screen’s other edges, it is now permanent to the center.

Task View has got a new design, and they removed the timeline. But, they have a new personalized feed in Widgets for Windows 11, powered by Artificial Intelligences (AI). A new Widgets panel Windows Dashboard has been added as well, which will assist you to access quickly in your server’s key information plus management features.

Windows 11 will feature an updated Settings, following the Fluent Design System- it will have a new layout, more colorful icons, and more translucency.

Notification Center & Quick Settings are the replacements of the earlier Action Center. The Quick Settings where you are accessible to use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Focus Assist, as well as a volume slider, a screen brightness slider, and media playback controls. And the Notification Center for all notifications and having a calendar. The health check app is now improved more, and Windows 11 will recommend you to reduce the display brightness, change the battery’s power-saving mode, etc. Now about the File Explorer, the ribbon interface has been replaced by a new command bar. But the rest of the File Explorers namely the features & functionalities remains the same as the previous version of Windows.

If talking of Tablet Mode, Windows will now adapt tablet mode automatically when necessary, and Tablet Mode will no more available. Windows has made improvements to touch-based interactions, allowing to use of new and improved gestures on tablets or touchscreens. You will have a new & customizable keyboard, swiping support, one-handed mode, and more. Windows has made improvements to Voice and Inking typing also with certain pens. There you have a new Dynamic Refresh Rate setting for the refresh rate boosting of the screen.

The Microsoft Store has also been redesigned greatly. Any type of app will be available there, especially major & popular third-party apps will be added. For the first time, you can also be able to use Android apps from the Amazon App Store added within Microsoft Store or from any other reliable source. On the other side, you can use progressive web applications, Win32, the standard Universal Windows Platform apps, and other packing technologies.

The collaboration platform Microsoft Teams is integrated directly with Windows 11. But the Skype by default will not be bundled with the version. MS Teams as an icon will be appeared in the taskbar, from where you can easily access to make calls, or do chat- all for free.

For a gamer, the Xbox app will be bundled, featuring Xbox Cloud Gaming & Xbox Game Pass. Gamers will get Xbox Series S & Series X, and both will be packed up with the DirectStorage for faster new games loading & Auto HDR that improves the lighting & colors of games on its own.

Though Windows never let down anyone in terms of performance. They try making improvements to the system performances, alongside reducing update sizes, they even making faster web browsing, Windows Hello authentication, and wake time from Sleep Mode.

Further Changes we will experience-

The Lock Screen is being refreshed, where the Quick Status features will not be there from now, and the iOS & iPadOS like time & date has been placed at the middle of the lock screen.

The Context menu has been revamped too for the desktop & File Explorer, featuring larger text, rounded corners, and Acrylic for the first time.

Segoe UI Variable, a new font will be featured by the next-generation system, which is better than the Old Segoe UI. Generally, it is designed for scaling well with monitors using a higher amount of dpi (dots per inch).

A refreshed Paint and Notepad is introduced, designed following the principles of the Fluent Design System. Besides, the Snipping Tool app has been replaced by Snip & Sketch.

To the features, we should say GOODBYE!

Multiple features which were introduced on previous Windows versions will not be bundled with the next-gen system. Most of the features are replaced, as well as most of the features are removed but replaced by others to provide the same experience, and most of them are removed permanently. Cortana, a personal productivity assistant of Microsoft will no longer be available for your support. Quick Status & other settings from the Lock screen, the Timeline feature from Task View, and Wallet are removed. Besides, you will get Widgets instead of the removed News & Interests. Windows 11 will not support loads of features, for example, desktop wallpapers synchronization across devices using an MS account as well as folders & groups of apps will not support in the Start menu. From the Start menu, Live Tiles will be removed plus replaced with widgets separate. From the taskbar, the People button, option for disabling hiding system icon, a few icons in the System Tray, and taskbar labels displaying & buttons’ grouping disabling support will be removed. Microsoft has even removed and replaced some by default software from Windows 11. Skype will not be installed, instead, they will be providing the Microsoft Teams. Paint 3D, 3D Viewer, and OneNote for Windows 10 will not be available by default. They replaced Internet Explorer with “IE Mode” on Microsoft Edge, as well as the Snipping tool with Snip & Sketch.

Minimum Requirements for Windows 11-

Hardware Requirements-

  • Memory (RAM): minimum 4.00 GB or higher
  • Storage space (HDD/SSD): 64.00 GB or higher, will be required for installing windows 11. Further storage space will perhaps require for downloading updates as well as enable particular features.
  • Processor (CPU): 1 GHz clock rate (Gigahertz) or faster and at least 2 cores on a compatible 64-bit processor (x86-x64/ARM64) or system on a chip (SoC).
  • Graphics Card (GPU): DirectX 12 or later compatibility with a WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • System Firmware: UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), Secure Boot capable
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM): 2.0 version
  • Display (Monitor): High definition (720 pixels) display, diagonally 9” or higher monitor, 8 bits per color channel.
  • Internet connections & MS accounts: Internet connection is required for completing updates, alongside download & using a few features. Moreover, Windows 11 Home requires an Internet connection and an MS account to perform a first-time setup.

OS Requirements-

Suitable devices must be running Windows 10, 20H1 version, or later so that they got the best upgrade experience of Windows 11.

Feature-specific Requirements-

  • 5G Support: Modem with 5G capability is required.
  • Auto HDR: An HDR-capable monitor is required.
  • BitLocker to Go: a USB flash drive (offered in Windows 11 Pro & higher editions) is required.
  • Biometric Authentication & Windows Hello: Illuminated infrared camera or fingerprint reader.
  • Two-factor Authentication: Use of PIN, biometric authentication (illuminated infrared camera/fingerprint reader), or a phone with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Client Hyper-V: A processor with SLAT (Second-Level Address Translation) capabilities is required. It is available in Windows Pro editions & higher.
  • DirectStorage: An NVMe SSD as well as a DirectX 12 graphics chip, which supports Shader Model 6.0.
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate: Available with supported games & graphics chips
  • MS Teams: Video Camera, speaker (audio output) & microphone are required.
  • Presence: A sensor is a must that can detect human distance from the device or want to interact with the device.
  • Intelligent Video Conferencing: Video camera, speaker & microphone are required.
  • Multiple Voice Assistant: A microphone & speaker are required
  • Mute & Unmute: Video camera, microphone, speaker are required from Taskbar. The app needs to be consistent with the feature for allowing global mute or unmute.
  • Touch: A screen or monitor is required that supports multi-touch.
  • Voice Typing: A microphone for a PC.
  • Wake on Voice: Up-to-date Standby power model & microphone.
  • Wi-Fi 6E support: A new wireless LAN IHV hardware & driver, and an AP or router with Wi-Fi 6E capability.
  • Windows Projection: A display adapter, supporting WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model) 2.0 & a Wi-Fi adapter, supporting Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Xbox App: An account of Xbox Live, which is not accessible from lots of regions. We recommend you to visit the Xbox Live Countries & Regions page to get the most updated information on availability.

If you having these minimum requirements on your system, you can easily run and enjoy the latest experience of the next-generation operating system.

Although Windows 11 has updated, changed, and tweaked abundantly, yet it is built on a similar core codebase as Windows 10, and the experience will be familiar to users, Microsoft said. They also added, Windows 11 will be more power-efficient and faster than its previous version, even if it’s similar in some way to Windows 10. Perhaps developers could provide more new features to Windows 11 till they release it officially. But this is all now about the next version of Windows. I tried providing the maximum information about Windows 11, even if I missed anything, please inform me in the comment section.