Which OS is the best iOS or Android?

When buying a Smartphone, we ordinarily have a favorite choice for buying whether an iOS phone or else an Android phone, don’t we?? However, deciding which OS’s mobile phone is the best to buy is a bit difficult and like a puzzle to us, correct?? “Which one is the best iOS or Android?” this is an unanswerable question. And this is also a difficult situation for us for deciding as well as picking the best OS mobile phone; as they similarly offer loads of impressive features that we usually love to have on a mobile phone. Obviously, there have several dissimilarities between them, for example, they are dissimilar in cost as well as quality but on the other hand, both of them offer similarly top features, or perhaps one could offer topper features than the other one. Therefore now, let’s see the dissimilarities between iOS as well as Android for removing the puzzlement as well as know which one is the best in order to buy, as well as use.

The Developer as well as Manufacturer: Apple is the developer of iOS and the manufacturer is the iPhone. On the other hand, Google is the developer of Android and the manufacturer is different mobile phone brands such as Samsung, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and Vivo, and so on.

Similar Features are given by both: As I said previous both OS similarly offer similar features in several cases, for example, they both offer 2G, 3G, 4G, as well as LTE network, status bar, UI (tap, pinch, swipe, zoom, etc), settings of privacy, Voice assistants (iOS has Siri and Android has Google Assistants).

Now, let’s see the dissimilarities between iOS and Android.

Android iOS
Hardware as well as Software Google offers Android software to various phone manufacturers, for example, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Google Pixel, and Vivo, and so on. Therefore Android mobile phones are dissimilar in size, weight, quality, as well as features. Dissimilar Android phones have dissimilar hardware. High-priced Android mobile phones have better hardware but in low-priced phones perhaps you will get several problems with the hardware. Apple offers iOS merely to the iPhone; therefore, it has a very tight controlling technique on how the hardware, as well as software, works at the same time. Maybe, you will get several problems but even it has first-class hardware.
Customization Android has the best feature of customization. So, it will allow every single user to customize his/her mobile phone with the help of various options. Android will all allow you to use various launchers as well as the keyboard you want. Widgets, as well as shortcuts, can also be used. Additionally one can use layout within Android phones. Within iOS mobile phones, you will not find a lot of customizable techniques; because it has limited support for adding widgets.
Affordability Like Android phones have dissimilar brands they have a dissimilar collection of price phones; as a result, you will definitely find a phone that fits your budget. As there is powerful competition among these brands, so quite a few brands bring low-cost phones that fit one’s budget. Like iOS phone doesn’t have any competitors, therefore they offer high-priced mobile phones.
Security If security matters to you for our phone, then Android does not assist the most. As, 97 percent of each part of viruses, malware, worms, and so on are intended for Android. The CEO of Google’s Android team tells us that they cannot even provide any guarantee about the Android mobile phone’s security. On this side, there is not anything better than an iPhone for security. As there are no viruses that hit iPhones. It has been primarily designed for security. Therefore the iPhone will assist you along with your safety the most.
Storage In Android mobile phones, for extra storage, we can use a Micro SD card. Consequently, if you do not feel happy along with your phone’s internal storage you can use external storage without difficulty by using Micro SD cards. In iOS mobile phones, if you want to use an extra SD card, you cannot. however, if you want more memory space on your iPhone, you can get help from iCloud. You can purchase more memory space without difficulty from iCloud.
Accessories Android mobile phones have a wide choice of accessories. You will find battery cases, additional charging cables, speakers with the phone. Therefore Android uses USB ports for connecting to other devices and you normally know USB ports are available in all mobile phones shop. iOS mobile phones use their consistent lighting ports for connecting along with accessories.
Battery & Charging In Android phones, If the battery is ruined you can change it with no trouble. You will get a long-life battery certainly. Android offered us and is still offering us a big advantage for a long time as lots of Android phones have capabilities of fast-charging as well as have wireless charging. And you will find an adapter along with the device. In iOS phones, if the battery is being ruined you will have to take assist from a skilled repair person. You will not get a long-life battery. And for quick-charging as well as wireless charging, Apple the developer has worked in recent times on their new phones and they support every newer iPhone. And last, of all, you have to purchase a fast-charging adapter, separately for your device.
Apps In Android phones, within the Google Play Store, you will get around 3.5 million apps. And these apps can be installed without paying money. In the iOS phone, within the Apple App Store, you will find around 2.2 million iOS apps. But the problem is, you need to purchase these apps and then have to install them.
Updates Android phones offer reliable updates. And recent Android’s updated version is 9.0 which is named Pie but there is a difficulty that there is no assurance in how many mobile phones are allowed to run. Apple iOS mobile phones offer reliable and proper software updates as well as security patches. And the recent iOS updated version is iOS 12. This update can be run on nearly 87 percent of every iOS phone.
Display or Screen Several Android mobile phone brands offer mobile phones along with bigger screens and that is also at a lower price. iPhone has bigger screen mobile phones but it costs a lot.
Voice Assistants In Android mobile phones, you will find Google Assistant. Through Google Assistant you will get to know every single thing that you want, for making anything done. Google Assistant is more versatile and smarter as well. In iOS phones, you will find Siri. Yeah, with Siri you can make everything done and can know what you would like to. But still, Siri is not much versatile as well as smarter than Google Assistant.
Camera Android smartphones have better camera quality but in several cases, it does not match along with the iPhone cameras quality, however, there are a number of android phone cameras that defeat iPhone cameras. iOS mobile phones have included a great quality camera so far. Because it does a big job at capturing lighting, coloring as well as other details.

Conclusion: So, the dissimilarities between iOS and Android were being detailed over. And it assists us in taking a more knowledgeable decision, which OS mobile phones are the best is quite tough, because they equally have the best features undoubtedly. And comparing these two OS is difficult too. iOS and Android equally have astonishing mobile phones. So it totally relies on us making a decision which OS phone we ought to use.