Nov 2nd, 2021 - 4.12 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      BitTorrent 7.4.3 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      macOS X 10.9 or Latest

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:


    BitTorrent for Mac is a custom for transferring files by peer-to-peer. It recognizes content by URL and integrates seamlessly with the web. Users can associate the file undoubtedly to dispatch and receive parts of a file. The content file is shared without knowing, but a fundamental tracker maintains connections and organizes the action of peers.

    BitTorrent for Mac helps users search, share, download, and upload applications, videos, music, document, image, and other files.

    Its benefits for conventional HTTP same file. It happens concurrently during multiple downloads. After completing the download file and it’s to upload the file. The upload file can share each other and make it attainable for the file source. It supports an enormous number of downloaders with only modest progress in its load.

    • History of BitTorrent for Mac

    The Programmer of Bit Torrent for Mac is Bram Cohen, a University at Buffalo alumnus. At first, he laid out the custom in April 2001. It was issued on 2 July 2001, the first version of BitTorrent for Mac. No search engine and no peer change in the initial release. After that, they developed the latest version and included search engines and peer exchange.

    • A glimpse of BitTorrent for Mac feature:

    1. Rapid delivery of the file 

    Prompt extensive files quickly and conveniently. This software can separate comprehensive files down into inadequate pieces. Then the files are downloaded, apart from individual or various sources. Since it broke the files down into tiny bites, then you can use less spare capacity. It means your downloads transfer faster.

    1. Unlimited free download

    Using the Bit Torrent for Mac, you can easily Download gigabytes, Download terabytes, Distribute petabytes.

    Install the software; you can download an unlimited number of files and the significant number of data that you can transfer.

    1. In-progress files are available for instant play.

    While you can watch after download. You do not need to wait for your files to complete downloading to use them. Play media files and watch, listen, or read them after their download.

    1. Booster built-in bandwidth 

    Optimize speed for your connection. To confirm your quick file delivery based on your network and internet connection, you should use the program of auto-adjusts bandwidth. It means this app never slows down video chats or gameplay.

    Additional Key features include:

    • The contemporary download of multiple torrents.
    • Combined the Bit Torrent search engine.
    • Linked RSS provender reader and downloaded.
    • Considerate internationalization.
    • DHT, UPnP, Encryption, LSD, NAT-PMP, PeX, µTP.
    • Cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac Os ).
    • Uncommonly lightweight.
    • Control over files in a Bit Torrent.
    • IP filtering.
    • Superior power over Bit Torrent trackers.
    • The closest open source is equivalent to µTorrent.
    • Bit Torrent production tool.
    • A remote command through Secure Web User Interface.

    Software Details and Information:

    • Operating System: Mac
    • Category: P2P
    • License: Free
    • Developer: Bram Cohen


    Aside from the English Language, BitTorrent for Mac is available in 4 more other languages. These are Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.

    • How to Download the BitTorrent for Mac free

    Although there are several varieties in a BitTorrent version for Mac, all you can download music, movies, games, TV shows, and software with high speeds is the Mac free version.

    Please follow the steps, are given below:

    First Step: To go to the official page of BitTorrent, click on the Download key on the sidebar to go straight and download the page.

    Second Step: Pick the Primary version of Bit Torrent and then click on the Download button.

    Third Step: After finishing the downloading process to your computer, click on the file to operate the connection wizard.

    Fourth Step: In the installation wizard, follow the instructions and allow the privacy policy.

    Fifth Step: Bit Torrent has multiple packaged software applications in its installer, and if you’re not careful, you force downloads without recognizing them. There will be a decline button for some ads, and substitutes will have a checkbox, and before clicking that box, you must uncheck.

    Sixth Step: When you arrive at the end of the wizard, click finish, Then the Bit Torrent will install on your macOS.

    BitTorrent Overview

    BitTorrent for Mac is lightweight software, so it

    won’t work up many of your computer’s stores, even while downloading multiple extensive files. Besides downloading the torrent files, BitTorrent also performs it effortless for you to share files. After you download a file, you can determine to share everything in the file or only specific elements.

    For example, if you download a complete season of your favorite TV show, rather than assigning all 22 episodes, you can determine which ones to upload.

    Simple Interface

    The free version of BitTorrent for Mac is simple to operate, even if you’ve never used a torrent file. You can reach the settings and decisions through the Options button, and this is how you can pick where you want the concluded files to go, how many loads can run at one time, the interface communication, and more.

    It represented all the active downloads and places on the BitTorrent purchaser. You can look at how time is sustained until the download is finished, the transmission speed for each file, and the file extension.

    Is BitTorrent is virus-free?

    Those who purchase BitTorrent for Mac are safe. Although, some antivirus software will show the red flag of the download file because, during the installation, it includes Possibly Undesired Applications, which are harmful. However, you can decline those offers, and the application itself is safe. It is always notified that one should always be careful during downloading torrents and even visiting torrenting sites since it could load them with malware. So, BitTorrent for Mac does not appear with any security or exposure to viruses and malware. Therefore, I wholly suggest getting a premium antivirus application to block these malicious data.


    BitTorrent is a simple software product that addresses these problems for Mac. The key to economic and robust appearance is to hit the unutilized upstream broadband potential of the consumers. It is free and sufficient. BitTorrent for Mac is not just an approach, but it is an operating setup and can cluster download over unpredictable networks.

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