Sep 27th, 2021 - 2.4 GB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      iMovie 10.2.5 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      macOS 10.15 Catalina or Latest

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:


    iMovie is an imposing free entry-level video producing and editing tool for Mac OS and iOS developed by Apple, allowing users to take their video at another level. It has been developed for Mac PC users so that they can work smoothly across all Apple devices- desktop or mobile. It has got a user-friendly streamlined design and intuitive features for editing, making it easy to browse the whole apps. iMovie allows you to produce beautiful movies or videos and Hollywood-style trailers, easily turn regular videos into attractive ones. It is a great option for beginners who want to create or edit their videos. Since it is easy to use and runs smoothly, so they can easily get into it and can only focus on their project.  Download Camtasia for macOS

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    Browse your video library, create beautiful videos with included features and edit them at resolutions up to 4K for great high-quality videos, then share it with anyone, making professional-like videos with iMovie is now just a matter of time. Without editing skills, one can produce stunning videos at ease. Just select your clips, add photos and videos to them easily, trim your clips, add smooth transitions, backgrounds, titles, soundtracks, fade audio, etc. edit your video like a pro. You will have loads of trailers and templates to work with, choose from any of them for making your videos look more professional. Trailers allow you to make amusing cinematic-style movie trailers with the videos you have. Else ways, you have various templates in nearly any category to select, use your studio logo in your video title and credits. Later add videos and photos to the storyboard.

    It is very simple to add soundtracks or audio to videos, from the integrated iTunes music library you can select any of your favorite songs. The best part about the iTunes music library, you can get copyright-free audio contents, which can be helpful for YouTubers or any videographer. You can even add your voice or narration by recording with a Voiceover button or can add built-in sound effects as well to make a video that sounds as good as it appears. When you are on adding images, you can easily import from iPhoto and the Photos app, select any image from the wide collection.

    To give a cinematic touch to your videos there have 13 creative videos filters and extra-special effects, make the appearance of the video filmy and more enjoyable. Whether you want to make a romantic film, old-style film, or a vintage western film iMovie will allow you to do so easily with its high-fidelity filters and special effects. Applying filters are very easy, add into separate clips or to the whole movie, and then correct intensity, that’s it. And iMovie’s included special effects that let you use slow motion or speed up effects to the videos for making them more exciting. Moreover, you have split-screen and picture-in-picture effects to use. iMovie also supports a green and blue screen that helps you to place the characters of your videos in exotic positions within a single click. Its strength adjustments and masking controls allow you to fine-tune the effect for extreme believability.

    iMovie for Mac PC with titles and backgrounds allows you to make modified title cards, credits, and others quickly. Customize titles easily by selecting your preferred fonts and colors, placing them on videos or photos, pinching to scale, and later putting them anywhere you want onscreen. Additionally, you can change background colors, patterns, and gradients, correct the durations of title and background, plus add a graphic or logo to mark a sign on videos. The best part of iMovie video editor; iMovie’s macOS and iOS edition is developed to work together, which means you can start editing your project on your mobile device, then the project can be transferred wirelessly to your Mac PC using iCloud Drive to give finishing touches to the projects. Even you can open your project in Final Cut Pro: a professional video editor, to use professional editing tools.

    iMovie for Mac PC provides you many ways to share your trailers or videos with your loved ones. Send your video via Facebook and email, or post them directly on popular social media sites like Tudou, Youku, or Instagram, or directly publish to YouTube or Vimeo in eye-catching 4K resolution.

    iMovie is a great choice for Mac users especially for beginners, work effortlessly with autosaving functionality over your favorite video to make it more enjoyable. As a beginner in video editing you will easily get used to the app, but gradually, since first-time editors could be stuck at some point while editing. Besides, iMovie uses many specialized terminologies that are not acquainted to many. However, its simple and inbuilt functionality will not take much time to learn and start making high-quality videos. As a professional, users may not achieve exactly what they want using iMovie. It lacks professional and specialist editing functions, instead, they would try Final Cut Pro X or alternatively Lightworks or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

    iMovie supports a wide variety of compatible third-party camcorders and digital still cameras namely-

    Canon (Camcorder, Still Camera) Casio
    Cisco Contour
    DJI (Camcorder, Drone) DxO
    Fujifilm Garmin
    GoPro (Camcorder, Drone) Hasselblad
    Insta360 JVC
    Leica Nikon
    Olympus Panasonic (Camcorder, Still Camera)
    Parrot Pentax
    Ricoh Sanyo
    Skydio Sony (Camcorder, Still Camera)

    Note: With the latest version of Apple iMovie, the stability has been improved for exporting with specific macOS language and Region preferences.

    System Requirements:

    • Platform (Mac OS X): 10.15.6 or later
    • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of Ram (Recommender for 4 GB)
    • Hard Disk Space (HDD/SSD): Free disk space needed at least 4 GB
    • Graphics Card (GPU): with OpenCL capability
    • Display: 1280×800 resolution or later.

    Apple iMovie Free Download

    Make sure your Mac PC has recommended requirements. It is easy and free to install, just click on the following download button on this page, and get the latest version of iMovie for Mac.