Sep 23rd, 2021 - 80 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      TeamViewer 15.21.4 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      (Mac OS X): 10.14.6 or later (Universal Binary)

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:


    TeamViewer for Mac – Making online meetings and controlling PC from a remote location becomes easier with TeamViewer. Wide remote support, remote access, and remote control solution loaded with features and powerful software aimed for simple and straightforward online meeting organizing. It supports multiple platforms, working with nearly all PC and mobile platforms, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, etc. TeamViewer works behind any NAT proxy and firewall, letting you control PCs remotely, share PC screens with others, and share files with other people effortlessly. It offers its users every tool they need so that a user like you could get simple and comprehensive support for working from your household and managing PCs, servers, IoT devices, and grade machines through the Internet. Download TeamViewer for Mac today for everything you need to easily get connected remotely to multiple devices located anywhere with anyone in the world, whether with colleagues, for school projects, or others. Download SHAREit for macOS

    TeamViewer Mac

    TeamViewer mac dmg lets you send and receive files to and from the connected PCs remotely using an easy drag and drop. Likewise, if you are connected with your account of TeamViewer, and have a PC in your list, then you can send files to that without requiring a connection. You have the ability to send texts, besides files effortlessly between PCs through the clipboard. TeamViewer makes everything possible, letting you perform what you need in a single platform, primarily the benefit of the built-in communication tools, including immediate file transfer, chat, video transmission, teleconference, VoIP, whiteboard, and screenshots. Download TeamViewer for Mac to get the ability to schedule and spontaneously start-up online meetings at an eye-blink speed.

    Remote Support, Remote Access & Remote Control-

    Get immediate Remote Support by TeamViewer for Mac. It provides you Ad-hoc support for users, also has custom branding for application support. TeamViewer has integrated with the major service desk systems, service case management, and Mobile Device Management, and more apps. You can leave sticky notes on PCs remotely.

    With the remote access tools connect with different PCs, mobiles, servers, etc., and work from home easily and securely. With TeamViewer, dmg make videoconferences and collaborate with peoples, plus share files securely and flexibly. You can also get permanent access to devices that are not attended, as well as can use the black screen to access a PC privately. You will get to use Remote Printing, meaning from any of the PC connected you can print something remotely using Printer. But this tool is usable only on macOS and Windows. About the security with TeamViewer, when you will be connecting to any device, you will be at safeguard. Every time you are using this app you need your TeamViewer ID and a randomly created password from the other side users to connect their PCs.

    Else ways, every connection with TeamViewer is end-to-end encrypted with 256-bit AES. Consequently, no one is there between the connections nor one can see the content everybody share. Moreover, you will have two-factor authentication and additional industry-grade features for security. Every data center of TeamViewer is certified with ISO-27001, you are safe in all ways. This app has got Granular Rights Management, which lets you use conditional access of TeamViewer for controlling access right to devices through your whole organization (Tensor license required). Also, access remotely with security to “headless” devices like servers.

    With TeamViewer for Mac along with low Internet bandwidth, you can work uninterruptedly, providing stable networks and the top transmission quality possible. You can get a superb user experience, all thanks to speedy connection set-up and great transmission quality, plus higher picture quality. Interestingly TeamViewer for Mac also supports Wake-on-LAN (Local Area Network), enabling you to remotely start up any PC on your list without any effort, no need to push the start button physically to do so. And later perform remotely everything. TeamViewer is completely free, though it has a purchase version with three plans, i.e. Single User, Multi-User & for Teams. So all in all, work with this user-friendly and all-inclusive PC remote controller to perform interactive tasks securely across multiple devices.

    Additional Remote Support & Access Features

    • TeamViewer integration with main business application
    • Set up this app on thousands of devices simultaneously
    • Permanent access and connect remotely to devices at any time
    • Invite partners or professionals to a current remote session using multi-user support
    • Remotely control and maintain commercially used tools

    TeamViewer for Mac Free Download

    It is easy and free to install, just click on the following download button on this page, and get the latest version of TeamViewer for Mac.