Aug 23rd, 2022 - 387.36 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      Luminar 4.4.0 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Mac requires macOS 10.13.6 or later

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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    • Details:

      Luminar 4 v4 3 3 8840 dmg for macOS

    Luminar for Mac is the powerful software that makes complex editing custom photos smooth and enjoyable. It is as amenable and beautiful as your Mac desktop. Luminar for Mac is work an extensive collection of filters, layers, preset, color controls, masks, and other multi-features that are ready to give your photos a professional look. In one package, all kinds of pro-level picture tools are combined in Luminar for Mac. These apps bring layers, radial and gradient masking, luminosity masks, blend modes, histogram, and various brushes for image editing, break toning, color blender, etc. Always all the tools will be accessible for you to use you flourish as a photographer. Luminar for macOS is convenient for detaching your unnecessary objects, color casts, and digital sound. It makes your image significant with retouch skin and uncovers the invisible facts from your picture. Luminar for Mac is always useable and can regulate the upper and lower sectors of the picture. So, install it.

    Luminar for mac

    • History of Luminar

    Luminar is a comprehensive photo editing program application formed by Skylum. This Mac function was formerly established by Macphun Software. The software is useable for both Windows and macOS. Luminar for Mac runs as an autonomous software and as a plugin software for Adobe and Apple products. It combines with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop, and Photos for macOS.

    • Features of Luminar for Mac

    1. Adaptation Interface Motivate –   

    Usually, the photo editor apps are adapting the interface of the image. But the Luminar for Mac adapts your skill level. There is no need to generate multiple sliders to remove any irrelevant objects from an image or apply a preset. Whenever you need to create any unique appearance, you can quickly access all the sophisticated features.

    1. Benefits of robust tools – 

    The Luminar for Mac tool is convenient for removing unnecessary objects, color shapes, and digital noise. It helps you to retouch the image skin and uncovers the invisible details. It features layers approaches with blend modes, surface overlays, and dynamic image masking. It can edit easily the image of upper and lower section of the project. And much more!

    1. Layout Yourself –

    In Luminar for the workspaces, there are uncovered fundamental photo filters for a unique type of photo. Experience default workspaces and various effects for portraiture, landscape, B-and-W images, and pavement images. On your priority, you can plan yourself.

    1. Alternative Approach to Pro Photo Editing –

    The Luminar for Mac is comprehensive of different pro-levels image outcomes and appliances.  It brings layers, brightness covers, visible radiation and gradient masking, blend modes, histogram, color mixer, variety brush tool for selective editing and formation tone, etc.

    • Additional Beneficial Features and Highlights
    • History menu
    • Layers
    • Fast Raw Converter files support
    • Custom textures
    • Dozens of photo filters
    • Blend modes
    • Workspaces
    • Presets for instant results
    • Adaptive UI
    • Custom textures
    • History menu
    • Noise reduction
    • B-and-W photo tools
    • Face retouching
    • Foliage enhancer
    • Object removal
    • Editing brush
    • Sharpening
    • Clarity, Detail, Structure
    • Toning
    • Grain engine
    • Polarize filter
    • Structure
    • Bi-Color
    • Fog
    • Gradient and Radial masking
    • Soft Glow and Focus
    • Orton effect
    • Crop and Transform
    • Luminosity masking
    • Social sharing
    • Vignette
    • And much more

    Software details and information

    • Author: Skylum Software USA, Inc.
    • Category: Editing Photo & Video
    • Apps Size: 1.8 GB
    • Copyright: Skylum Software
    • License: Free

    Beside English language Luminar for Mac is accessible in various languages. Like as Korean, Dutch, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Traditional Chinese.

    • How to install Luminar for Mac
    • Install from the Mac App Store
    • Originate the Mac App Store.
    • In the Research bar, writing
    • Find Luminar and get on the Buy key.
    • The Mac App Store may charge you to check your email ID and password.
    • Luminar is loaded to your Purposes folder.
    • In the Acquirer goes > Application and place the Luminar application.
    • To start the Luminar app, click in double and receive the request for the application.
    • Whenever you delete the Luminar apps, you can reload them from your Mac App Store.

    Beneficial Apps for Photographers (Beginners to Professionals).

    Skylum designed Luminar with a dynamic set of tools that are easy to use. We should believe that it can help all kinds of photographers of professionals to beginners.

    • As beginners photographers and mobile shooters will comprehend a smooth appearance, exploiting one-click presets and comprehensive tools like image crop, noise reduction, and image healing.
    • As the Casual photographers may start from the same presets. But will soon get out to using Luminar’s applications for Mac objects that built workspaces and allow uniquely made-to-measure tools which accomplish significant results quickly.
    • As for the passionate practitioners and professionals, workspaces and the full range of editing tools such as layers, brushes, combining modes, surface overlays, history menu editing, and much more adviser a new generation of high-level photo editing opportunities in Luminar for Mac.


    Nowadays, Luminar is an impressive photo editor for Mac. The software requires 300 powerful tools and components, comprising high-speed RAW protection. It is workable for composition and sequence brush on selective editing and masking. Luminar can work on dozens of photo filters with model improvements, presets, and a lot more.

    Luminar for Mac also offers an inventive user interaction. This software is helpful for the photographers to customize or adjust according to the style of their photography, develop skill level and preferences. Luminar is an extraordinarily personalized picture program tool, and it is suitable for photographers of all experience levels.

    Luminar for Mac is the world’s preeminent picture editor software that changes your style & skill level. It appears the versatility to support many cameras available as well as the level of photography. Luminar for Mac can help undertake anyone’s photography needs, changing from improving challenging image obstacles to artful stylizing.