SHAREit for macOS

Oct 24th, 2021 - 4.6 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      SHAREit for macOS 0.9.0 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      macOS X: 10.10 or later (Only Intel)

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

    • Author / Product:

      SHAREit Technologies

    SHAREit macOS – Content sharing is now an easy thing that makes it faster than ever you usually use other ways to share. Yes, talking about Bluetooth, sharing through a USB cable, and others. Use SHAREit, which is the fastest near-field file sharing utility. It is the most powerful cross-platform file transferring app in the world, supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. SHAREit is two hundred times faster than Bluetooth, enabling you to share/transfer contents from one device to another at lightning speed, including images, audios, videos, apps, files, and folders. Compared to other similar apps, SHAREit for Mac is popular around the world. It uses a personal hotspot to transfer whatever between up to a maximum of six devices at the same time. Unlike other alternatives, SHAREit for Mac never limits file sizes and shapes, no matter what is the file size and shape, you are always welcome to share. Download Disk Drill

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    From some years ago, SHAREit was not available for Mac, it only supported Windows OS and Android, later recently they introduce SHAREit for mac users, as well as for iOS devices. The app came a far way. SHAREit dmg changes the whole thing while comparing to common Bluetooth or other sharing methods based on Wi-Fi. It does not just offer better sharing speeds but it is also consistent with every type of platform and device. However, when you enter for the first time to the SHAREit mac you may not think of things like some ads and additional features that must annoy you. But overall it is the best out there.

    Download SHAREit for Mac, launch it, and choose a device of your choice and the rest will do this application on its own. SHAREit is one of the oldest files sharing programs out there. From day one of its announcement till now the developer brings the best ability for file swapping. With an easy-to-use interface it offers you efficient working and fast transfer across multiple devices, so transfer files very easily from any device to another.

    The main thing that makes SHAREit stronger is its strength of speedy file swapping. As said by SHAREit mac, this app has a 20 MB/sec file transferring rate, letting you share gigabytes of content from Mac to other compatible supported platforms within minutes. Give it a try, and experience the process yourself. SHAREit for Mac lets you share contents with added security and privacy as well, your files are only saved to your devices, but not in the cloud. When sharing with SHAREit, you are relatively on the safer, the app does not use an internet connection to do its main function namely data trafficking. You can turn off the cellular data, Wi-Fi, and hotspot connections too, SHAREit will work continuously and efficiently as it develops a miniature local network within the devices, being used at the sharing time. So there is no question about your security and privacy with SHAREit.

    Unlike multiple file transfer methods, SHAREit dmg never spoils your files’ quality slightly. This is the main problem for many users. Since multiple methods make the file small enough to be shared fast but spoil the quality of the file. But keeping these problems away SHAREit lets you get the same quality file that you swap from the other device. It does not compress your file, thanks to its higher transit rate, and it performs well continuously for long times for 24 hours without being stopped. SHAREit mac dmg enables you to share files up to 20 gigabytes of files at once.

    Talking about SHAREit’s additional great features, there has a Remote View option that lets you access files remotely. It works on both your PC and mobile device. It easily and quickly searches Mac files and folders from your mobile phone. Find the content on your mobile, display or play it, or directly transfer it from your mobile to mac PC. Make sure your devices are connected with Wi-Fi (no data connections) because it uses Wi-Fi while performing. Alongside this, you will have the PowerPoint Control, using the tool on your phone you can control the slides of your PowerPoint on a Mac PC or projector. There is no need to use a mouse or a separate clicker at the time you present a PowerPoint.

    Moreover, you will get a pre-integrated video player for streaming videos in HD, all video formats are supported. You can play even high-quality songs with the native media player of SHAREit mac. It also has a collection of Wallpaper, Stickers, and GIFs for downloading.

    How to use SHAREit on macOS

    Once you are done installing and launching the SHAREit both on your Mac PC and on your mobile phone, you must ensure your both devices are connected with a similar Wi-Fi connection. On the desktop side within the main windows of the SHAREit, you will notice the QR code connection. The other way, on the mobile phone, navigate to the menu of SHAREit, select the Connect PC or Mac option, and later just scan the QR code with the camera of your phone. That’s it the transferring process will be started. Know that both of your devices’ connections need to be active while the sharing process is ongoing. As long as the devices are connected, on the desktop into SHAREit, you can see the avatar of your connected mobile, besides can restart the file transferring without repetition or other configuration steps. Thus share your target files from mac to other devices effortlessly.

    On the Mac PC, by a movement of dragging & dropping you can transfer files to the other devices. Every file will be located in the default places. Likewise, if you share files for the other devices to your Mac PC, SHAREit for Mac will locate them automatically to your Downloads directory. Every transferring file will be shown in the main windows of SHAREit, and you can also choose to see the corresponding files in a Finder window.

    At the end of the discussion, it is a great file sharing app, when you need to transfer files just SHAREit. It performs quickly, efficiently, and widely across every available device out there. However, it needs troubleshooting a bit to set up, but generally speaking, it is quite easy to use.

    SHAREit for macOS Free Download

    It is easy and free to install, just click on the following download button on this page, and get the latest version of SHAREit for Mac.

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