Disk Drill

Sep 16th, 2021 - 84.5 MB (Freeware)
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    • Latest Version:

      Disk Drill 4.4.356 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      Mac OS X 10.6 or later

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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    Accidental file deletion and crucial file loss are daily issues of our Mac PC. There are multiple reasons behind lost files. From all the lost data scenarios to get back lost data, we need a powerful recovery solution like Disk Drill for Mac. An easy-to-use Mac PC tool Disk Drill Data Recovery that offers full support for recovering deleted or lost data with advanced features. It is a cross-platform software, it is also available for Windows PC. Using Disk Drill, it is become easy to perform recovery processes in Max OS X. So easily get back your files with Recovery Vault that are lost from most of the storage devices, file systems, and even of any file types. Download Minitool Power Data Recovery for Windows

    Disk Drill for Mac

    Disk Drill for Mac can help you to get back your files that were lost due to any loss scenario, data corruption, disk utility error, lost partition, formatted drive, and so on. It can recover your data from any type of storage device, just connect the storage device (even mobile platform- Android or iOS) with Mac PC and go on. Alongside recovering lost data from hard disk and external device, if you cannot access the hard disk and other devices currently, then Disk Drill Data Recovery can help you to save data from them.

    Disk Drill for Mac can help you to get back your data from all major file systems, recover and rescue data from your HDD, external device, EXT3/EXT4, FAT/FAT32/exFAT, HFS/HFS+, NTFS, etc. The other way, Disk Drill is able to recover files of any type or in any type. Its supported file type list is wide. And you are allowed to get back any file, folder, or reconstruct from more than 200 file types using many recovery techniques. Disk Drill’s Quick Scan and Undelete Unprotected Data techniques can restore any file type, yet in every situation, they cannot be used. And the Deep Scan technique can be used in every situation and also can identify and restore more than 400 different file types.

    Supported File Types­-

    • PNG, JPG, & TIFF for Images
    • DNG, CR2, & NEF for RAW camera images
    • PSD, AI, & INDD for Graphic files
    • MP3, WAV, & AIF for Audios
    • MP4, AVI, & DV for Videos
    • DOCX, XLSX, & PPTX for Documents

    Disk Drill for Mac uses loads of features to help

    Do not worry, if you just lost or accidentally deleted files, lost partition, having a failing drive, or need to stop your valuable files from being overwritten when the scan process is ongoing, Disk Drill Data Recovery will help you the most with several state-of-the-art ways or features to strengthen the data recovery to work effectively.

    Guaranteed Recovery with Recovery Vault

    Disk Drill keeps a record of all files that have been lost or deleted. With the record of every metadata for the lost file on your Mac PC you can recover with file names and location quickly and undamaged.

    Bootable Recovery

    You will get another data recovery solution, thanks to Bootable Recovery. If your Mac PC will not get started or you cannot afford to scan your PC disk to stop any data get overwritten, there you can take help from Bootable Recovery.

    HFS+ Recovery

    Disk Drill for Mac has got 3 data recovery sections- namely Search for lost HFS+ partitions, HFS+ Catalog Rebuild, and HFS+ Extraction, created only for HFS+ partitions. Everything is effective, powerful, and rapid at their work, helping you the most possible in getting data back to the device.

    Allocate existing files

    Disk Drill Data Recovery can scan any partition, so it can recover the existing files from your Mac bypassing system data reading approaches, even if it is failed to read your files or reports your disk is unformatted.

    Disk Health Monitor

    It has S.M.A.R.T monitoring and other disk health instruments for any internal and external disks to inform you about several hardware issues in advance and stop them.

    Mac Clean Up

    Using Disk Drill you are also allowed to delete files, besides recovering. Check out what files are taking up valuable storage space on your disks, then permanently delete them from within the utility.

    Analyze Disk Storage

    The app analyzes and shows you a map or chart of every file installed on your disks. By which you are able to manage the files and free up your disk space.

    Disk Backup

    Disk Drill for Mac lets you backup your important files, media, and documents within a byte-to-byte disk image (DMG) so that you can recover them in the future for your need.

    Duplicate Finder

    Disk Drill Data Recovery allows you to look out at all levels of your disks to find out unnecessary duplicate files so that you can remove them and maximize your disk space.

    Universal partition Search

    Disk Drill for Mac uses this tool to let you recover partitions on FAT, HFS+, and NTFS volumes from your Mac PC. It operates on a disk level and behaves like a binary entity with the disk, and quickly scans the disk for signatures of identified partition headers.

    Undelete protected data

    Whether you installed Disk Drill Data Recovery on your PC afore suffering from data loss, and you had the Guaranteed Recovery and Recovery Vault features empowered, then Undelete is your best opportunity for data recovering on Mac PC. You are allowed to protect your files using Guaranteed Recovery or Recovery Vault as well.

    Scan your devices with Quick & Deep Scan

    The Quick Scan is a good option, if you just deleted your data and letting you recover data on your Mac PC with their every metadata undamaged- along with file names and locations. Where the Deep Scan processes throughout the PC and find out the data that other scanning options cannot. However, it takes time to process, even it brings you all the files lost. Remember the Deep Scan may perhaps bring the data that is potentially corrupted.

    What’s new with the latest version of Disk Drill for Mac?

    • More flexibility in byte-to-byte backups: select exact disk sectors or specify the size in MB (Megabyte)
    • New easy two-step Disk Drill installation
    • M.A.R.T monitoring is accessible now simply by the Extras menu
    • MSI files (Windows installer packages) are available now in Deep Scan and PSD files got better detection as well.
    • Improvements in many features and fixes many bugs.

    So this is it, Disk Drill for Mac is one of the best data recovery software available with a user-friendly interface and extremely low resources usage. Recover your important files from any storage devices i.e. internal Macintosh hard disks, external hard disks, memory cards, USB flash drives, cameras, iOS devices, Android devices, Kindles, and more. There have paid versions available as well, providing more and more features to use, know more.

    Disk Drill for Mac Download

    To get the latest version of Disk Drill for Mac, click on the following download button on this page. Install it and enjoy recovering with it.