OBS Studio for Mac

Aug 15th, 2022 - 145 MB (Open Source)
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    • Latest Version:

      OBS Studio for Mac 27.2.4 LATEST

    • Requirements:

      The macOS release of OBS Studio supports macOS 10.13 and newer

    • Compatibility:

      64 Bit & 32 Bit

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      OBS Studio for macOS Latest Version

    Download the latest macOS version OBS Studio is the comfort from your Mac that you could record Livestream video. The application is a fully free, open-source app that makes your video recording natural or easy to share on your screen. Using the OBS Studio for macOS, you can take a screen sort and current its experience to amazing of the most prevalent video programs such as Tweeter, YouTube, Facebook, and further on your Mac. All it possible . Try best mac Video Editing Software iMovie

    OBS Studio Mac

    Mac by using the OBS studio.

    OBS Studio for Mac allows you to customize many contexts, including recording and streaming resolution, framework rate, video quality, and video encoder. It is not only that, but there’s also an audio component with various influences.

    Even though the OBS Studio for Mac helps with your webcam, screenshots make it possible to live stream with different senses and transition to generate a more professional touch.

    OBS studio History

    OBS Studio is one kind of project which begins as a small project that “Jim” Bailey generates. But later on, it was bolted with the guidance of many online collaborators operating to develop OBS and the program by broadcasting the knowledge. It inaugurated the first version of OBS in August 2012. To improve the application, the developer rewrote the OBS in 2013; later, it renamed an OBS Studio to support multi-platform and a more powerful API. Try best Meetings App Zoom for macOS

    Features of OBS Studio for Mac

    • OBS sustains all your preferred streaming platforms.
    • High-achievement original time video/audio apprehending and
    • mixing, comprising images, window captures, text, webcams,
    • Browser windows, capture cards, and more able to generate scenes made up by multiple sources.
    • Modular ‘Dock’ UI permits you to reset the layout accurately as you
    • like, even though you can pop out individual Dock to its window
    • Available Streamlined Frames panel provides you to approach an array of configuration options to jerk every perspective of your broadcast or record-keeping.

    Plan Professional Productions

    • You can prefer several distinct and customizable transformations to add stinger video files or change within your scenes
    • Fixed hotkey for almost every variety of action, such as
    • beginning/stopping currents or records, shifting between displays, stirring to talk, softening audio sources, and more.
    • You can preview your display and sources through OBS studio mode before going to live. Even though you can adjust them according to your demand, create a new file, and ensure they are perfect before you live for your viewers.
    • Utilizing the Multiview, get a high-standard composition of your creation. Besides this, Get a high-standard composition of your production using the Monitor 8 distinct displays and easily hint or evolution to any of them with a click single or double.

    Collaborative Creativity

    • Use original plugins for high-performance composites or scripts written with Lua or Python associated with current sources.
    • OBS Studio is outfitted with a powerful API, allowing plugins and characters to provide further customization and functionality particular to your requirements.
    • In the store’s section, you can browse or submit your own.
    • Operate with developers in the streaming association to get the features whenever you need them with boundless possibilities.

    Software Details and Information

    • Operating System Mac
    • License Free
    • Language English
    • Download 21,651+
    • Classification Capture
    • Author Jim Bailey (OBC Studio for Mac)

    How to Download OBS Studio on Mac

    OBS Studio is agreeable with Mac, but the download is insignificantly more confusing for beginners than a PC equivalent. No need to worry; we’ll guide you through every step and ensure you’re ready. Read on to learn how to download OBS Studio on a Mac in a few steps.

    • Open your favored browser and visit OBS Studio Download homepage
    • Open the homepage of macOS to download the new version
    • Then proceed according to instructions. First select YES, then Next, and open the package.
    • Go to select Ok
    • Pick the Apple menu, and later select the system preference.
    • The System Preference, and choose the Security & privacy
    • At the bottom Of the Overall tab, your Mac will spot you just asked to initiate the OBS installer. Select Allowable Anyway.
    • Start Anyhow highlighted and Security and Privacy Choices with the Common tab.
    • You will be asked from your Mac if you are sure, to select Open.
    • Agreement prompt with Open highlighted.
    • The Installer Agreeable screen will begin; choose Continue.
    • For this Purpose, pick your primary mac drive and choose Continue.
    • Install Target with hard drive and proceed highlighted.
    • The installer will notify you of how much location is needed. Select Install.
    • Your Mac will claim confirmation to install the software. Access your Mac password and preferred Install Software.
    • Already complete, then select Close.
    • Besides OBS Studio installed, we don’t require the installer anymore. So, Choose Progress to Trash.

    Opening OBS Studio for Mac

    After OBS Studio installs in your Program folder.

    Picked Finder. Of the menu at the top, choose Go, following Applications.


    Finder menu tap with Go trough menu and Applications published.

    Double-Click OBS Studio for Mac.

    System Requirement Of OBS Studio For Mac 

    MachineThe OBS Studio for Mac is harmonious with processors running for Mac, and as per experience, controlling the last new versions of these operating systems will provide you with more reliable performance and better support from the industry.

    Processor: As a processor, at least it requires the Intel Core i5 or AMD FX series. Further, it will provide better service by a dual-core, 4-core processor, or all higher processors. You might also want a DirectX 10 proficient graphics card. However, all the processors provide better service in Intel Core i5.

    RAM: We suggest you have a minimum of 4GB RAM to run this software on your Mac. While we recommend 4GB for smooth operations, we got through on a 2GB RAM machine, which should also operate. It works better, is faster, and has softer software operation with a 4GB RAM machine.


    ThereforeOBS Studio can furnish your horsepower to design anything you can visualize on your Mac. It might take a while to comprehend the fittest settings for your computer.

    OBS Studio for Mac is an innovative tool for producing professional-quality live streams and videos. It is an open-source app that continually signifies updates to provide better service for Mac.